#BigBrnzChallenge November 2020

October was a struggle and I’m not sure why, but fitness seemed to fall by the wayside. There was still lots of walking, but the drive to Run, Ride or do anything physical just wasn’t there. The pandemic finally seemed to set in and sap my drive. Then I wrote a blog post. Working Out During a Pandemic seemed to move things in my brain and Halloween I set out for a Run.  It was cold, slow, painful, but it was a start. A little fire that will hopefully start a roaring inferno to close out 2020.  I invite you to play along, two more #BigBrnzChallenges to finish a dismal year. Challenge yourself.

November 2020

For this month’s #BigBrnzChallenge we are going to push ourselves. 1,000 Push-ups for the month of November. This is a retest, so push yourself to try and finish it faster than you did the last time. You can use any style you would like, Regular, Wide, Diamond, One Handed or anything in between. If you do One Handed, please take pictures because that will be a GREAT story. To modify this challenge, instead of going from your toes with a tight core and glutes, go from your knees. 

Moving Forward

Work hard on the challenge and remember, this shouldn’t be the only thing you do. Walk, Run, do Yoga or whatever else you can.  With the second wave here already, winter starting to bare its teeth we need to do whatever we can to stay healthy. Good luck with the challenge. Make sure you stretch those arms out between days and BE ACTIVE!

Don’t forget to post your status updates and photos to Instagram!  Tag them with #BigBrnzChallenge and #ItBrnz to be featured in the gallery.  Good Luck!


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