Back-to-Back Training

Cold and wet…

Back-to-back just like the Blue Jays of ’92-’93. That’s right folks, yours truly was acting like a thirty-something year old by getting himself out the door for back-to-back 5K Runs. That certainly hasn’t happened in a year or two. What has gotten into me you ask? Well, to be frank, I’ve been sandbagging it. I have been passing up opportunities to train.  @SavannahJessie has been trying to get me out the door, but I’ve been in a funk. I couldn’t explain why, not even to myself, but I got triggered this weekend.

Who’s Looking Out of the Mirror?

My weight fluctuates. It’s just the way it is. The problem is that if I don’t monitor what I’m eating or how much physical activity I’m doing, the scale goes up. Fast. That’s not the distressing part, for me it was the wardrobe. During my run yesterday with @hoodie runs I was struggling with a shirt that did not want to stay tucked in. As a result I spent a part of the morning being self-conscious about my stomach peeking out and I did not like it. The shirt I was wearing was one that was loose less than 2 years ago. Something needs to be done.

No One Can Decide It For You

Like all of the big life decisions, no one can do it for you. I’ve made similar decisions like this before and being complacent has pushed me back. No more! It’s time to wrestle back control of my diet, my weight and my story. So after work this evening, I suited up (tights and a rain jacket) and got out the door. 5KM in 37m51s in the wet, burning 626 calories. Considering the conditions and the fact I ran yesterday, I had a blast.  No huge puddles, one minor splash and a good push.  I even took @rorofrommexico for a W (we don’t say walk in his presence) as a cool down.

Hopefully I can parlay this fire into a steady and consistent habit. 


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