Mother’s Day Running

@hoodieruns and @bigbrnz crushing the hills…

Happy ‘belated’ Mother’s Day to all the mothers’ out there. Don’t worry I wasn’t late wishing Momma C a happy day. We were in that neck of the woods visiting some friends and as seems to be our tradition, @hoodieruns and I got out in the morning for that fitness. This after everyone stayed up late to get caught up and have a beverages or three.

The Network

Now having recently returned from Portugal (there will be a post on the sightseeing), I was worried about holding us up. I’m still trying to get all the wine and cheese out of my system and I have not been training regularly (gasp!). @hoodierun was nursing some things too, but the best thing about training with someone is the support. This was all about getting out and being active. We weren’t qualifying for the Olympics (although my time was close), we were just there to log some miles and encourage one another.

Running Hills

As we trekked around the sleepy little community, two things became clear very quickly. It was cold AF (I was in shorts) and there was an abundance of hills. Neither one of those things would end up holding us back, but they did give us something to grumble about. Since neither of us was in a hurry and we had an extended warm-up, our time was 43m34s to go 5KM. Not Earth shattering, but we did climb 151ft of elevation and Garmin says I burned just short of 700 calories. That’s probably accurate because I was ravenous for the rest of the day.

Yup… it was good.

It felt good just to get out and chat. Running like everything is better when you have someone to do it with.  Once we got back, we helped ourselves to a Mexican Breakfast Bake which was just what the Doctor ordered and then @savannahjessie, @rorofrommexico and I headed off.


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