Old School Crew


How about this for a Flashback? It’s been 6 years since I started @CrossFitCanuck and 3 years since I completed my first Canuck Barbell Class. Lots of lifts, lots of weights and lots of very cool people. This post though was interesting because it was my first pure weightlifting class.  Sure I had done all of these lifts during classes, but this was the first time focusing specifically of technique.



The Barbell

When you remove the ‘cardio’ or ‘high intensity’ component out of lifting, it brings a whole new dynamic.  You focus more on where the bar is. Where your feet are. Coming fully open. Driving with you legs and diving under the bar.   Little things that get lost when you are just in a hurry to move the weights.


More New Things


The Feet

The thing this post reminded me of the most though other than the #530Crew was the fun you can have moving weight. There’s one Split Jerk shot (taken by the long lost @CadPro00) that shows both feet airborne while moving to the split position.  Cool stuff. You can also see me ‘almost’ at parallel (in the shot of the Clean) which is the culmination of a lot of after class work.



Looking back has been an interesting way to put all this progress in perspective. I hope you enjoyed reading.



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