Sunday Morning Ride FTW


She just looks fast…


‘Celebrate good times, come on!’… What are we celebrating? Well one of my fitness goals for the year is now in the books. With a brisk early morning ride on the Hill I crossed the 250KM mark for 2018 and put a big checkmark in my book! How is your fitness checklist looking?


The Ride

I’ll try to avoid going into all the gory details of the ride, but I will talk a little about the data. C’mon, you know how I love data. When I set out I wasn’t sure how far I was going, but I covered 33.35KMs in 1h2653s. It was a very fresh morning and I took it nice and easy to start. The route I ended up on had lots of hills and I ended up climbing over 257m of elevation. I even managed breaking the speed limit by a bit coming down the Bayview Hill.




The hill (especially the first one) proved to be a lot and I was really trying to push as hard as I could. I felt that familiar ‘pinch’ in my left knee when I was putting load to climb and it was uncomfortable. Not CRAZY, but noticeable and very unwelcome. Getting passed by a guy on a mountain bike would also classify as a challenge, but he was damn quick.



Where To Now

Just because the goal of 250KM has been met, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop. When you reach the end it, push just a little bit further and see what you can achieve. I still have a Running Goal for 2018 (250KM as well), but it’s going to take a lot more to get there… 174KM still to go…


Now I said these posts would be coming out of order, but they should straighten out soon.  I have an announcement coming soon that is very exciting… Stay tuned!




p.s. – don’t forget to get going on September’s Challenge! Click Challenge Time to see details.

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