Feel The Force

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Can you feel that power that connects us, binds us, is in all living things (quote from Yoda)? That’s the Force. If you’ve ever watched (and almost everyone but Brucie has) you know how awesome it can be (when used for good). Well, I’m not saying this is good or bad, but the Force can make you do crazy things. Like remember when I said I wouldn’t be running a distance over 10KM in (Chicago is My Kind of Town…), well the Force is making me do it…


The Setup

Fresh from Chicago I wanted no part of any kind of distance running. @JessyR1978 kept going though.  She was thoroughly committed to running. She kept racking up the miles while I was still coming to grips with how my body felt going 1,000 rounds with Mike Tyson (in his heyday). It was mid summer that she sent me the photo. A photo of a crazy cool medal with a flying X-Wing fighter on it. WTF??? Where do I get one…


The Details

The Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon takes place anytime from January 3rd2019 to March 31st2019. You can run it wherever you want. Any course you choose. Pretty cool right?!? As long as you complete the Half Marathon Distance (13.1 Miles or 21.1KMs) you can do this. AND… As a reward for a little bit of work you get the aforementioned STAR WARS MEDAL!!


If you are a fan (and even if you aren’t and want a cool challenge), you can join the force (on whichever side you choose). All you have do is follow the link below, sign up and then join me kicking off 2019 the right way!






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