Challenge Time


Are You Ready??


Hey, what ever happened to those challenges? You know the ones with the simple movements and one month to finish? Well Ladies and Gentlemen, you wanted them and now you have them! Let me be the first to introduce you to the September Challenge! For the rest of 2018 there will be a challenge rolled out on the first day of the month and you have until midnight on the last day to complete it.



Starting on September first, you have 30 days to complete 2,500 sit-ups. Bonus points are awarded if you can complete them before the 25th of the month (that’s 100 a day for those keeping track). You also have the option to increase the level of difficulty by doing them weighted (with a weighted vest or holding a dumbbell, kettlebell or similar), completing them on the GHD (Glute-Ham-Developer) or doing them as V-Ups (or Atomic Sit-ups). Whatever you choose, just make sue you warm up and go hard.




First and foremost, HAVE FUN. The best way to reach your goals is to push a little bit harder than everyone else. Miss a day? Don’t stress about it too much, just get on track and get the work done. Side note, Sit-ups are always more fun with someone else, so talk someone into doing it with you. The time (and reps) will fly by.  Also try not to do all 2,500 at once, you might want to spread them out a bit (although this is just a suggestion).


Feel free to post about how you did and the progress you made.  Use the hashtag #septemberchallenge so we can all tune in.


Good Luck!


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