Something Shiny

An actual Emmy… Pretty sweet!


Something less shiny, but it is an interesting use for old kegs…


So one shiny that’s really pretty cool and then one which is a little bit less so (although an interesting repurposing). The Emmy was located at Cisco’s Learning Centre in the RBC building on Queens Quay. I was downtown on Wednesday for two learning conferences (nice of them to schedule them on the same day downtown) and Konica/Minolta and Rogers gave me lots to think about. Gracias to both for having me (and for the swag for attending)…


So how’s your August Challenge going? It’s a pretty easy one. 5 minutes a day stretching or taking care of your body with a goal of doing it a least 25 of the 31 days in August. So far I’m 8 of 11. How are you doing?



This week has been a tough one. Not so much training wise, but body wise. I’m sure I’ve said it before and that everyone who trains runs into this at some point. This isn’t a recovery issue (bouncing back from a workout), but old injuries rearing their ugly heads to make things challenging. After the high speed workouts from @ajhughes77 my knees and hips have been a little tender and for some odd reason my right shoulder (I think this is a sleeping issue). When I say I think it was a sleeping issue, it was until Thursday. I was working through @Eastbound_Power’s Week 2 and I was having tenderness on the Bench. Not pain, just tenderness. Then as I started to warm up the Shoulder Press, it went from tender to supernova and I had full failure getting the bar overhead @65lbs. Brutal. Time for Little. Yellow. Different. We’ll see if some Motrin can calm this thing down…



Now since I’m going to go for a long run Sunday morning before the Eastbound Power Summer Classic Powerlifting Meet @CrossFitCanuck, I was limited in what I could work on during my solo gym time on Friday night. I ended up going for a 100 calorie Row (which works out to 1500m) and a weighted 800m Run. I also managed a little bit of rolling out and stretching before Canuck Lite. It wasn’t much, but work is still work when you boil it down.




Closing up I have a big thank you to pass along to Spanky and Marnie. Thank you for having me stand up with you in December. We’re so excited!


Have a great weekend!









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