Not a Hill, More Like a Mountain

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So I guess it’s called ‘The Hill’ for a reason eh…


It’s a lot harder to get out of a warm and comfortable bed when @savannahjessie isn’t around to gently (read that as push) me out on the road. Still there is the ‘Blog’ effect that I’ve talked about many times before. If you make a goal and state it in a public forum (and people follow that forum), then you are bound to complete (or at the very least attempt) the deed. So since I wrote that a long run was in the cards before the @Eastbound_Power Summer Classic out of bed and on that run I went.


The only trouble with this morning is that I really didn’t have a plan of attack. It was a toss up really. Head to the track for 9x400m (at high/low) with a 2KM there and back or go for a long one. I haven’t logged serious distance in a while so I got out on the road and tried a new route. Yeah, so when you run towards the CN Tower, everything on the way back is now uphill and boy, it was quite the hill.


Nike needs to keep up…


Today was a 15.01KM run (sadly, just short of 10mi) in 1h49m21s. That works out to 7m17s/KM and the kicker was the 98m of elevation gain. Just look at the picture, it is quite the little hill. Garmin says that I burned 2,010 calories before 9am. Not a shabby little Sunday. My cadence was a little bit low today, only 170SPM as opposed to the target goal of 180SPM. A lot of that had to do with the amount of uphill running that was on the chart.


See above where I said short of 10mi, my fueling strategy limited me to what I completed today. I carb loaded last night and had 2 GU Chomps before I set out and 2 more at the 7KM mark. By the time I turned for home I could already feel my legs getting heavy. When 500m remaining popped up, there was no chance of going any farther. Quick stretch, a shower and a ProG Recovery…




That will be a big one for Chicago and for the long training runs that still lay in my future. What’s your fueling strategy? Short workout. Intense workout. Long workout. Endurance training. Strength training. What are your go to’s?


Get to bed early and lets take Monday head on!






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