So Recovery is KEY


Remember that wrecking ball? Well it turns out that it was more like an underground tactical nuclear weapons test. I’m not sure what I got hit with, but my, oh my, did it absolutely wipe me out. Now when I say wiped out, I don’t mean that I had a cold or was bed ridden, but my recovery this week took it squarely on the chin. Everything this week seemed heavy. @Eastbound_Power’s programming felt like I was trying to Bench Press a small asteroid and I even had to push back my normal training days in hopes of bettering my performance. It was scary tough…


The cold is the only thing I can think of for this downward turn in recovery… unless it was sleep. Now I normally don’t get eight hours of sleep on any given night, but the last seven days I would be lucky if I managed to get 6 hours. It was just a combination of the work week and a busy schedule. Still food stayed the same for the most part and nothing else was different. OK, so it seems that sleep and central health (i.e. not having a cold) are the big ticket items when trying to maintain a training program. I’m not sure that what I’m telling you is rocket science, but a little reinforcement never hurts.


So… How did your March 1500 Calorie Challenge go? Did you manage to get them all? A few extra? Or did you struggle to complete them or leave them to the last minute? Lots of questions indeed… All that I can hope is that you worked as hard as you could to try and get them done. This month, there is no equipment required. Think, “Sun’s Out, Guns Out”! The April Challenge is 1250 Hand Release Push-ups. You have 30 Days to get them done and as long as you knock a few off every day, you shouldn’t have any problems. The biceps will come marching in for summer!



This weeks’ programming has been a mish mash of just about everything. Bench Program and a very tough 5KM run to wrap up the Birthday Runoff with @hoodieruns. I also had some big calories on the Rower and the Air Assault to complete the March Challenge. To finish up 5 solid days I had some quality time with the Sled and some Strict Pull-ups. Fun note, the Strict Pull-ups were actually really good (I think as a result of the Bench program) and I actually felt the Delts engage for the first time.   It was a eureka moment! If I can keep it going, maybe the Chest to Bars without the running start could be next.


Do you like movies? The Government of Canada has partnered with Cineplex, Aeroplan and Petro Canada to try and get Canadians moving. They released an app called Carrot Rewards that rewards you for taking short health surveys or counting steps. I have a code that will get you 100 Scene points. Just enter berniec5987 to when you sign up!


Have a great weekend!


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