It’s Fun To Get Dirty

The tires be dirty…
Welcome to May!
Can you believe it’s the first long weekend of the summer
already and that you haven’t heard from Me in like 3 weeks, but I haven’t been
idle. Finding the time to squeeze everything in has been the issue here.
Seriously though, you can only complain about time (or lack thereof) for so
long and at some point, something has to give. Right now, that something seems
to be my sleep, but I’m sure if that trend continues, something else might.
Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve been working with
@CanuckCoach and eat to perform for my diet and working really hard to make
sure I try and hit my macros (protein, fat and carbs). This last week has been
tough, but the scale is ticking slowly lower (after having ticked upwards for
the previous 12 months).  I still haven’t
been able to figure out why it started going in the wrong direction, but I suspect
it was because of a lack of a consistent schedule and an increase of external
factors (such as work and studying). I will say that I have had more protein in
the last month (and a bit) than I have probably had in the last year. I feel
good though so it has to be working.
There has been a lot going on too on the workout front. 300m
Team Tire Flips (see the photo at the start), Sledgehammers, Running, Studying,
Wedding Planning and a 1st Birthday Party. It’s been busy and dirty
(the first tire flips of the year to shake all the winter sludge out of them).
I’ve been consistent and that’s the key (or at least a key) to success. As long
as you do the work and you do it regularly you definitely increase your chances
of being successful.
What else?
Well it wouldn’t be a regular blog post if I didn’t mention
something being not quite right. @Keilshammer, you should look away here. We
all know I’ve been dealing with shoulder issues, but they have improved greatly
since I started working with @CanuckCoach. While they are very helpful, they
are by no mean nice. Think of a Gemini Roller an inch deep into your pectorals
with your coach trying to drive it deeper. Oy! Still, combined with my first acupuncture
and ART, things have been getting much better.
I’m also starting to feel my Lats hurt which means that they are FINALLY
doing work instead of just getting a free ride. The issue now is this stupid
left knee and an appointment is scheduled to talk about a scope. Whatever is
going on in there, it is preventing me from doing some of the things I am going
to need to do to succeed. I will keep you posted.

The key to injury though is to find things that you can do. It’s frustrating not to be able to work at RX or to do the movements that are prescribed, but you still need to find a way. Let me tell you, doing Nancy (5 Rounds, 400m Run and 15 OHS @95lbs) with 185lb Deadlifts isn’t something I would recommend to everyone, but if you can’t Squat, you do what you can. Don’t do something that’s going to make things worse, but don’t head to the couch.

There’s more? Bahaha! Not really, just wanted to wish
everyone a safe long weekend. I’m hopefully going to get out for the first ride
of the year on a newly tuned up and shined Red Rocket, but we’ll see if I can
move the pedals after 20 Sled Pushes @265lbs…



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