Never Really Alone

That poor, lonely Kettlebell…
You know, there’s a lot that happens in the
course of any journey, especially as one as difficult as weight loss/health. It’s
a hard journey (and I’m not speaking strictly of mine here) and it’s not just
eat less, work out more or take this magical (and mythical) weight loss pill.
The only way to be successful is to make a lifestyle change. With that being
said, it is something that you can do on your own, but if you have help, the
chances you will succeed go up. Lucky for me, I have lots of support (both
locally and everywhere else), but most of all I have @savannahjessie. While I
was spending the weekend studying, coaching and basically trying to get caught
up, she took care of our meal prep for the week.

Preparation is the key to success.

Now since we last spoke, the ramp up back
to a normal schedule had been going well.
There’s lots on my plate, but we have been managing to fit everything in
and it’s been really good. Still sometimes life happens and throws you a
curveball. In this case the @BlueJays game on Monday night meant a skipped WOD
and then some old age related issues on Wednesday. My knee hasn’t been feeling
great and during the warm-up it really started to ache. I got through the work,
but maybe I shouldn’t have. I think I finally need to face the reality that it
needs to be scoped and repaired before I can get any further.
Regular Knee
A wee bit o’ Swelling
Ok, maybe I will have to re-visit this…
Now as much as progress can be derailed by
injury (as this blog can she you in detail), with @CrossFitCanuck and the
awesome Coaches, there are always ways to do work safely. A couple of changes
here and there and I could still throw down with risk of further aggravation to
the knee.
Go from tall to small to hit the DUs… Genius Z.
Speaking of Coaches, a big high-five to
@zlreyes who gave me a little tip during the Wednesday Double Under fiasco that
may be the key to me finally getting this skill. With an angle change to my
body (from vertical to bent) I managed to hit 10 (single-single-doubles) in a
row. HOLY MOLY! BREAKTHROUGH!!! Thanks Z! Now there is still work to get rid of
the singles in between, but this is the best I’ve felt about ‘dubs in FOREVER.
This week it’s going to be all about
getting back on track…

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