Sleep… I want it!

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Where have I been? The days have been ticking by and there
hasn’t been any sign of me. You were worried, I could feel it, but there just
hasn’t been any time. Boy, it does seem like I have been saying that a lot the
last little while. Still it’s true, I honestly don’t know where the days have
gone (it’s been almost 3 weeks since you last heard from me). There is hope
though. Lots of it. The Eat to Perform plan that @canuckcoach has me on seems
to be working well and the weight has started to drop away again. Add to that 2
and a half solid weeks of 4 WODs with a spin and even the occasional yoga
tossed in for good measure. It has been tough getting back into it and the body
has protested (a little more than slightly), but I can feel myself getting
Still let’s talk about that sleep thing…
Wikipedia, you know the source for all things informational
(and true) on the internet says we need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep to
restore mental acuity and to allow the body to rebuild. 7 hours, I wish. With
everything, Work, @CrossFitCanuck, studying, life and various other pursuits, I
am lucky to get 6 hours a night. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how families with kids
manage to function at all. I have bouts of drive and ‘sharpness’, but there are
times when it is seriously a struggle to get through the wall… although massive
amounts of caffeine seem to help in the short run. There are other things that
can be done to help, magnesium (before bed), protein throughout the day and
recovery after workouts, but there still doesn’t seem to be enough…
How do you manage? What are your secrets? Leave them in the
comments section and help everyone out!
OK, sleep, a mini update, that should get you back up to
date.  The last few weeks have been
filled with much of the familiar (days at the box, familiar faces and family)
and many things that are new (PRs from unexpected movements/places). I even
found some people to join me for a redo of 16.5 and the Burpee/Thruster
pukefest that it will be. Get better and do better. It will be fun, but there
is still lots of work to do before we get there. My strength is still here (and
has improved), but my flexibility has not gotten better and my cardiovascular
endurance seems to have disappeared entirely. Well the bike is back from a
major overhaul at the shop and is ready to roll (note, if you have a bike, take
it in for regular tune-ups before little things add up to big trouble) and I have
a pair of marathon-ing shoes at the box just waiting for the mercury to climb a
little bit more.
The process has started…



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  1. I want to know more about your ETP plan. I signed up with their website but got intimidated by figuring out and tracking macros. How are you finding it?

    1. Tavia is an eat to perform certified. I will put you two in contact.

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