Gong Shows and Visitors

Welcome Home!
Saturday (December 19) – You know those
days when you have the greatest intentions but it seems like the world is
conspiring to stop you. Well that would be Saturday. I had the best of
intentions, get into @CrossFitCanuck early, WOD with @SarahBassels and then do
some lifting with Wakefield.  That’s
right, the long lost Canuck was coming in for a little visit. Sadly, I slept
through my alarm and only made it in to see Baz finishing up a rowing session.
Oh well, best I could do was apologize and get warmed up.
500m Row
OK, easy peasy, I will just do the Clean
& Jerk 1RM work and then maybe a little DB Press WOD. Well that didn’t
work. 3 lifts into the light weights and things were going squirrely.  I couldn’t catch, my presses were going sideways
and backwards and it was generally a lost cause. As @SarahBassels watched on,
she agreed that it was a not pretty.
These weren’t much use today…
Still I tried. Mobility and some stretching
were the only positive today, well that and seeing some familiar faces.



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