Mish Mash of Things

My week has looked like this plate… A mish mash of everything

Friday (August 28) – Rest days. You need ‘em. Terrible grammar
and sentence structure? Yes, but truth comes in many forms. This has been a big
week (training wise) and I didn’t give my body enough time to settle before
throwing it back into the octagon (MMA term for the ring). 50 Wallballs in and
my right knee decided that it was done with everyone and everything. It hasn’t
felt like this in a long time and I’m chocking it up to my broken supplement
regime. With moving at work and just not having a chance to get to Healthy
Planet to restock, I haven’t got a supply of Vitamin C or Joint Pro. Damn.
Serves me right for not having my sh*t together. It’s on the shopping list for
this weekend and back in the regular rotation for next week.

I Don’t Remember

We are coming to the end of the Conjugate Method and getting
ready to move into a Squat Cycle and I am terrified. Or at least I will be in
about 20 minutes. I’m not terrified yet because everything still feels ok. When
it did suck, I thought I would have to cash out early and go home. Luckily, a
little bit of a rest, combined with some ‘lighter’ movements let me still do
Canuck Lite.

Every 90s for 12 minutes
3 Front Squats + 2 Split Jerks

King Pin
75 Wallballs
50 KBS (@50lbs)
25 T2B

I worked up to 155lbs from the rack and I felt pretty solid
on all the lifts but my last one. When we moved into the Wallballs I got
through 50 and then couldn’t continue. I ended up putting a knee sleeve on and
giving the later class a try because it seemed like a waste to leave. It ended
up being a really good session and @zlreyes programmed some interesting combos
of movements for a team WOD which made things interesting.

Pizza Box Game

12 minute Run

Rest 5 minutes

30 Reps or 5 minutes
1) 30m Sled Drag (@45lbs)
2) Tire Flips
3) 30m Sled Push (@45lbs)
4) Rope Climbs

@fiireatwill, Nat and I were working together and it was a
really motivating team. We picked each other up and even though we didn’t get
30 reps anywhere except the Tire Flips, we still killed it. Since the movements
didn’t involve Squats with weights, the knee felt pretty ok. I still went home
and took the good old Epsom Salt Bath.

Are you still with me? Lots of CrossFit talk and movements
right? Well here is the weekly update component. It has been a pretty trying
week. It’s so hard to schedule nowadays to get everything in. Family time,
workouts, work, day-to-day stuff and then everything else that gets dropped
into the schedule. How do people with kids handle this? I don’t get to spend
nearly enough time sleeping and certainly not enough just being with my lady.
Add to that, a life full of people who just don’t get it and the nerves are
worn pretty thin. Oh, what is it? You know, those jerks that push people
around, are rude and generally just think that there sh*t doesn’t stink. Even
the ones that are on the same team as you still think its ok to be condescending
and arrogant. I have a quota and we are getting close to filling it… Woosa…
Bring on the long weekend (please).


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