Monday (July 20) – coming off of the Coaches WOD on Sunday and still nursing a little bit of a hip issue, I was not looking forward to Monday’s WOD. The best that can be said though was that it would only be a single workout. @Savannahjessie’s cousin was coming into town and we had dinner plans and an emergency run to Markville Mall to pick up a bridesmaids dress. Low and behold guess who led the warmup and turned that frown upside down, Megatron leading our warmup! Woohoo! It was an original one, it was spicy and the DU bonus round was T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E…

Holding 2x45lb Metal Plates
Class squats and passes a 20lb Wallball
(Number of passes before dropping plates = DUs)
Now we didn’t know about the DU penalty until everyone had gone. I held for 50 passes and I would have held them for the full hour to skip the skipping. Now today was going to be interesting. 1RM Power and Full Snatch. With the tips from @attitudenation and a new appreciation for the Snatch, I was excited to get the barbell moving. I managed a 10lb PR on my Full Snatch at 135lbs and a 5lb PR on my Power Snatch at 150lbs.
20 minutes to find
1RM Power Snatch
1RM Full Snatch
2010 CrossFit Games Event 6
7 Rounds
3 Cleans (@185lbs)
4 HSPU (Deficit from Box)
One word would describe most of my Cleans today… Ugly.  I have no idea why it felt brutal today, but I was all over the place. I did manage to finish in 7m20s but it was a rip roaring burner. Sometimes you are at the top and sometimes you lay on the floor staring at the ceiling asking yourself WTF!?!?! 
5 Rounds
30m Sled Drag (@45lbs) + 30m Sprint
Now sadly there was no BWOD or stretching simply because of the time constraints. JoJo, I will make up the homework when I get back. It’s not a good habit to be in, but sometimes life happens. 

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