Why Would You Do This????

Today the bar is not my friend…
Thursday (April 16) – I hurt. OMG, I feel the ache of slowly
getting back into the swing of things. Of trying to reshape this body once
again. It is a mental battle, eat well (usually), work hard and hope that the
programming kicks back in and starts shedding this winter weight. Yes, let’s
call it winter weight, because admitting that I’ve slipped is hard. It happens
in life, not everything is always sunshine, but what you do when you slip is
what defines you. The fight this summer will be different this time around, I’m
getting older, my body is injured (knees, shoulders, hips…) and I’m not sure
where I want to end up (what weight).
Mountain Climbers
Downward/Upward Dog
Beat Swings
Mornings. They are tough (only because I am currently
letting them be), but the more I can get here and get in the mindset, the easier
they will be. It’s a flashback to the GoodLife days (gasp!). Alarm, out of bed,
breakfast, get in the car, workout, shower and wakeup. To be honest the only
reason I even made it in this morning was because Deadlifts were on the menu.
Every 2min for 10min
2 Hang Power Snatch + Snatch Balance
Every 90s for 6min
For the first time ever, the Deadlifts were not the greatest
thing on the planet.  By the time I got
through the second round I was really forced to keep focused on form. They were
heavy. Crazy Heavy. At this point I couldn’t even imagine that there was still
work to do. A huge burner.
WOD (15min CAP)
1min ME Pull-ups
3min AMRAP
7 Power Cleans & Push Jerk (@135lbs)
14 Kettlebell Snatch (@35lbs)
1min Rest
I was so glad when this was done. Glad I came and super
stoked it was over.  The Conjugate Method
packs an unbelievable amount of work into a 1 hour session and I have to say it
has been great. No time to think, just go. Get the work done.
@Savannahjessie and I have a big weekend ahead with CAKE
TASTING! It’s not cheating on the meal planning when it’s getting ready for
your wedding. Sure we have LOTS of time to get things done, but it will be here
before you know it. So many flavors to taste. It was heavenly. I think my new
goal should be to have some kind of tasting event every other weekend. That
would be both fattening and delicious. Next week will be three weeks with no
coffee and three weeks back on a solid schedule @CrossFitCanuck. It doesn’t
sound like a lot, but they are all steps in the right direction.


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