So We Begin Again

These new Rowers are AWESOME!

Friday (February 20) – The streak is over!!??!?!!!

For the first time since November 2012, I have ‘no showed’ for a class @CrossFitCanuck. I was trying to make it to the Nooner (which is becoming more and more difficult, stupid work) and I got caught up. I looked up and it was 12:07pm… CRAP! Well that sucks, but at least there was no waiting list and I didn’t keep another Canuck from attending. I promise to not make it a habit. 50 Burpees for me.

Gym Run

First WOD trying to get back on track and I aggrevate this stupid knee right out of the gate. I tried to keep going but had to modify Coach Z’s warm-up. Brutal. I cannot wait until i get back from the cruise to get the MRI and figure out once and for all what’s up. There was a lot of challenge lined up with Wall Walks, but since this is my first WOD at the new box, it was all out. Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes, 3 Wall Walks, 4 Shoulder Touches and ME Handstand Hold. I really wanted to go hard and i had some of my best Wall Walks ever. My shoulders were really gassed at the end of the 10 minutes, but it was fun.

Adam Does Fran (15 minute CAP)
21 Thrusters (@95lbs)
21 Strict Pull-ups
25 Hand Release Push-ups
15 Thrusters
15 Chest 2 Bar
25 Hand Release Push-ups
9 Thrusters
9 Pull-ups

Birthday WODs. Seriously. Well that and the fact that i have not been a regular to work out at the box over the last month.  I have been feeling it. Slow and lethargic. Basically, I feel awful. This one was especially difficult after all the shoulder work. I managed to get through it though and finished in 14m54s. The sweat angel looks a lot like me, doesn’t it?

We’ll see how the recovery time is after this, especially since i’m back to the box tonight to finish up Phase 2. EXCITING! When I get back from the cruise, it’s on to the 3rd and final Phase. The new box is an unbelievable facility. There was something I just couldn’t figure out though…

If this isn’t a door, what the heck is it?
With the Open coming, the Throwdown is on deck. @WeLift hosted the Battle of the Pairs 4N4 and I had the honour of judging. It was a long day on my feet, but what a great experience. After a full day, Tavia even have me try the Castro Challenge of the Day. ME Calorie Row for 2 minutes. The benchmark was Jason Khalipa with 78 calories. I came out of the gate and had a perfect first 45 seconds, but it was too fast and i was too zonked from the day, 63 calories in 2 minutes.

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