Secrets of My Universe

Thrusters for DAAAYYSSSS at 730p
Wednesday (Dec 17) – Space, the final
frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Chocolate… Wait, wrong channel.
What a very exciting day, busy, stressful, rewarding, challenging and a host of
other descriptors that it is too early in the morning to come up with. What we
have here today (or yesterday for those who want complete accuracy) is a minor
breakthrough in the understanding of a complex social creature (that would be
me in case you were wondering). As it has been talked about recently (when you
actually got a glimpse of ‘feelings’) the stress of the last few weeks has been
slowly getting the better of me and beating me into near submission. Today, I
discovered a truth. WODding makes me a happier person.
I know, mind blown.
It may sound simplistic, but exercise
(whatever it may be for you) needs to be the 3rd most important
thing on your list of things you do every day. Only slightly behind ‘Be kind
and love one another’ and ‘Eat a healthy, balanced diet’. I tend to forget all
of those every once in a while which is a real shame and something I need to
work much harder at (and judging by the news reports, a whole bunch of other
people need to as well). I simple thing like attending my first ‘Nooner’
@CrossFitCanuck put a spin on the day that even had @SavannahJessie commenting
on how happy I seemed. All that pleasantness, just because I almost got caught
in the Thruster Vortex (the WOD where you never seem to catch up).
2 Rounds of
5 Squats
5 Close Grip Push-ups
Broad Jumps
Since we are smack in the middle of Max Out
Week, we had 20 minutes to find a 1RM Front Squat instead of doing the normal
strength program. This was going to be interesting. We started working away and
I hit 245lbs (my 1RM is 255lbs), but I’m not 100% that I hit depth. Went up to
260lbs and failed multiple times with a combination of knee and inability to
hold my core. It then dawned on me that I haven’t Front Squatted in almost 2
months. Geez. We followed that up with a 6 minute EMOM of alternating Ring Dips
and Ring Rows. I tried to go without a band, but I’m not there. Yet.
10 minute EMOM of
5 Thrusters/Shoulder to Overhead
7 Box Jumps (24” Box)
with remaining time in minute
ME HR Push-ups
Yikes. Already pissed at me from the Front
Squats, my knee really freaked out during the first round of Thrusters and Box
Jumps. It was so bad that I couldn’t start round 2 and Coach Z (@zlreyes)
modified me to Shoulder to Overhead (and I changed to Step-ups). I ended up
with 7 of 10 rounds of work and I managed to hit 53 reps (We only counted HR
Mad rush back to work… Geek stuff…
Back to the box for shadowing of Tav and
the #630Newbies. It was cool to be back and centered, leading a warm-up,
mobility and bar work. Tav also let me evaluate and make corrections for the
first time… Very exciting. It was the first time I got to make practical
application during a live setting while getting quizzed. AWESOME! The #730Class
rolled in and we went through the Warm-ups and some heavy lifting and I was
happy to see that I was able to help with some big PR’s.
Back to the Row tomorrow,


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