Taking The Plunge

Attempted to write L1 in Sweat Angels…
What have I done? Well it’s simple, I’ve
taken a big step here in my CrossFit journey. Today I signed up for the
CrossFit Level 1 Certification Course. Eek. I had this as a goal on the big
board @CrossFitCanuck, but I was hesitant to click the ‘Finish’ button (before
I had the technical issues with IE and Chrome). I’m not sure why, but I did
what I normally do when I have a question. I went to Tavia. She helped me see
that this is the path I want to go down and shortly thereafter, I was in the
October 4th class. Add to this 3 IT Certification exams from good
ol’ @Microsoft and this kid is going to have his nose buried in a book and his
butt in the box.
2 Rounds
20 Skips
15 Plate, Ground to Overhead (@25lbs)
10 Squats
MAT Activations
I was a little tired when I rolled into the
box tonight and I was not ‘good’ in my food choices today (damn potato
pancakes). So work needed to be done. We started with Pull-up Progressions and
for a change they didn’t cause havoc with my hands or shoulders. I even
experimented on the high bar (on the rig) and hit a couple of Pull-ups from the
dead hang (insert golf clap). Next up was Strict Press from the Split Jerk
stance. I was working with @CADPRO00, 5 reps every 90s for 4 rounds. I finished
up at 115lbs. Right to BN (Behind the Neck) Split Jerk for 2 and 1 Regular for
4 rounds every 90s @105lbs.
Wile E. Coyote (20 minute CAP)
3 Rounds
180 Skips
30 Wallballs (@20lbs)
15 Deadlifts (@245lbs)
Taking @matt_5577’s favorite spot at near
the roll-up door, we got into it tonight. Skips F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I didn’t do the
DU’s tonight, they just weren’t there, but with all those singles, I think we
are even. The Wallballs were tough too, but let’s be honest, I was really
looking forward to the Deadlifts. I managed to keep knocking them out 5 at a
time for the duration of the WOD which was fairly exciting. I managed to not
overheat thanks to the great breeze and finished in 17m38s. It was FUN!
5 Pull-ups
Shoulder Mobility (Band)
3×2 minute Tav Shoulder Stretch
5 Candlesticks
30 Hollow Rocks
Neck Smash (Supernova)
Lat Smash (Supernova)
Hip Smash (Supernova)
Glute Smash (Supernova)
Hip Stretch
Back Stretch
Back Rollout
Glute Stretch
Another week has blown by and summer is
almost at an end. I got a little kick in the pants tonight from my Cash-out
partner Carling (who has bailed on the #530Crew) about my Half Marathon prep.
Yes, I am still running. No, my training is not on schedule. Yes, I will get my
act together because it’s just over 2 months away. @JessyR1978, do you hear
that sound? That’s us getting our virtual butts (wow, got to use butt 3 times
in 1 post) into actual gear.
Game ON!


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