Playing With The New Toys

Did you hear that?
It sounded like a Blogger screaming…
Who do you suppose it is?
Answer: ME!
That is the reason you never take an
extended period of time off. My Quads were absolutely destroyed by Wednesday’s
Squats and Elizabeth combo and then really upset by Thursday’s Overhead Squats.
Ugh! It sounds terrible, but secretly this is why we do all this work. This
pain let’s you know that you worked your butt off and when the hurt stops you
will be faster and stronger. A lot faster and a lot stronger. Pain is weakness
leaving the body (unless you are hurt, then the pain is telling you to be smart
and stop).
Because I was out West, I didn’t get into
Saturday’s class, but I got to come in with @SarahBassels, @missade3 and
@zlreyes and throw down before the fundementals class.
400m Run
3 Deep Rig Squats
I did a lot of PVC work to get warm and
then I decided to do the Power Clean complex that I missed on Thursday
night.  Now keeping Coach D’s (@DefconRX)
instructions in mind for this movement series and the Deadlift Warm-up that
followed, I increased the amount of reps with the bare bar and the light
weights to get loose. I had 12 minutes to find a heavy complex and in the
course of 6 complexes I managed to complete 1 Power Clean, 3 Push Press and 2
Push Jerks at 160lbs. I would have loved to get a few more lbs on the bar, but
I pulled @165lbs and it didn’t feel right.
DING! Time’s up, get the Deadlift warmed up
to 255lbs and get ready for today’s Partner WOD involving a whole bunch of
activities. @SarahBassels was leading the way today and we had 20 minutes.
WOD (20 minute CAP)
3 Rope Climbs
15 Deadlifts (@255lbs)
12 Push Press (@135lbs)
9 Sledge Hammers
100m Sled Pull (@135lbs)
WOO! Sleds! The Rope was not friendly today
and I had some issues with my feet (and some shredding), but the rest of the
movements were awesome… Especially the Sleds! OMG they are so much fun. I
managed to get through 2 full rounds plus 3 Push Presses when time ran out. The
WOD was a burner, but there were so many cool things to do, that you never really
had a chance to be tired. Big high-five to @zlreyes and @matt_5577 who were
relentless when time ran out, doing sprints with the Sleds.
Speaking of the Sleds, you will definitely feel
them in the hamstrings and for the BWOD we had a bit of fun experimenting with
different combinations.  There was mostly
stretching afterwards as @SavannahJessie and I had to get to Kitchener for Oma’s
90th Birthday Party.
100m Sled Pull (@135lbs)
100m Sled Pull (@45lbs + @missade3)
100m Sled Pull (@225lbs)
Glute Stretch
Hip Stretch
Back Stretch
Hip Stretch
Once again, the plan for next week is to
get a couple of Runs into the program in the hopes that my hips and knees start
to open up. They’ve been a bit restricted and it’s been slowing down Half
Marathon Training. Keep your fingers crossed.

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