8 Minutes

Not to be confused with the Nicholas Cage thriller 8MM or
the length of time needed to reheat a pizza in the oven. 8 minutes isn’t a lot
of time, unless you are taking to someone doing the CrossFit Open WOD 14.3. In
that case 8 minutes can seem like a eternity. An 8 minute AMRAP of ascending
Deadlifts and 15 Box Jumps sandwiched in between levels. Enough time to
Deadlift 15,500lbs and Box Jump 90ft. Enough time to work as hard as possible
to get as far into this WOD as possible. 
1000m Row
Deadlift Warm-up
Shoulder Stretches
The beauty of the Open. Things that are hard (and sometimes
you may believe are impossible) happen during the Open. “I Can’t Lift That”, or
“I’ll Never Get There” are sometimes heard at the beginning of a WOD, but as
the Canuck Family cheers, you get this surge of adrenaline. No, it’s more,
power? Not even that. You get this change of thinking where everything becomes
possible and you just make it happen. It’s inspiring to watch person after
person step up and get that last rep or lift that weight.
This WOD was designed for me and I was feeling really good
going into it (mentally), but my body just wasn’t feeling 100% today. Frustrating.
With Coach Tavia as my judge and the Family watching though I would do my best.
I made it through the first 2 rounds really quickly and the step-ups were made
easier by a tip from @SarahBassels to use the corner of the box.  Even the round of 225lbs lifts was solid as I
broke them up into groups of 5. When I got back to the bar for the 275lb lifts I
started to struggle. Not with the weight, but with linking my reps together. I
knew that if I rode the barbell back to the floor I would probably hurt myself
so it was singles all day. Ugh. I finished them and got 3 more Box Jumps in.
Total: 118
As the day went on I got to watch some truly inspired
performances.  There were some serious
throwdowns and Everyone who completed 14.3 should be very proud. I thought I wanted
another shot at this one, but I’m going to follow @matt_5577 mantra of 1 and
done. As heavy as this was I will come back and fight again next Saturday.


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