The Beez Claus and The Ice Storm

Nostalgic picture, because I’m too small for the suit.
Well it’s shocking what a little freezing rain can do. What
can it do? Paralyze the City of Toronto. It has been ugly here, no power,
terrible roads and short tempers. For the most part the residents of the city
have been willing to help their fellow man, but there are always a couple of
idiots. I’ve been hunkered in the Chocolate Command Centre with power, internet
and cable (I’m not rubbing it in, honest) and I hosted some folks from the
neighborhood who were sans power. Combine that with some delish vittles at the
Big K Family Xmas Dinner and you have a whole lot of eating off plan. I feel
fat. To combat that, 1 Hour of Power @CrossFitCanuck.
500m Row
2 Rounds of
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Wallball (@10lbs)
Based on my overall feeling, I wasn’t looking forward to
Fraburpee. Fraburpee? What the heck? Fran + Burpees? Jillan (notice I’ve called
her Jillian?) is channeling Dr. Frankenstein and creating new levels of pain. I
LOVE IT! Well I did once I was finished it. Before we got to that though, 23
minutes working every 90 seconds at 4 stations. 2 Front Squats (@205lbs), ME
HSPU (Box), 250m Row (Counting Pulls and Time) and finally Tempo Pull-ups. It
was a full plate and I had to modify because I couldn’t get into Back Rack so I
skipped the Back Squats. I did manage to get to 250m in 17 Pulls though (Yay!).
Big news of the day though was after the first round, the Pull-ups were without
the Green Band.
Fraburpee (15 minute CAP)
21 Squat Cleans (@95lbs)
9 Pull-ups (Green)
9 Burpees
15 Squat Cleans
7 Pull-ups
7 Burpees
9 Squat Cleans
5 Pull-ups
5 Burpees
Well that was some heavy work right there. Burpees still
suck, but my Squat Cleans were good (well, I thought they were good. Depth and
elbows through). It was tough slogging though and I was sucking wind pretty
badly. It’s tough to go all out when you’ve just finished a crazy strength
portion. If you want to do well in the Open though, that’s what needs to
happen. Bring it on.
9x 1m40s Row, 20s Rest (2m Rest after Round 5)
That is as close to puking as I’ve come in a long time. That
was the hardest Cash-out we’ve done in ages. The goal was to try and get to
500m in each of the 9 Rounds. I like the Row, and I got close, but I never
broke 500m. 469m, 451m, 451m, 441m, 441m, 425m, 10m, 435m and 445m. I was ready
to quit in Round 7 and as the timer counted down I could hear @matt_5577 being
disappointed in my effort (even though he was working on mobility on the other
side of the box). With less than 10s I got a few meters in and then finished.
Festive eh?
With how my body feels, I’m going to cancel my Christmas Eve
early session (Sorry @sarahbassels), but logistically it just won’t work. There’s
too much to do and get ready before I head to my Sister’s. So from me and my
Sweat Angel, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Stay safe and enjoy the company
of loved ones.  I will see you on the
other side, refocused and rededicated.

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