Catch With Your Hips

630p Class Lifting Big
Now don’t get yourself worked up, the title of this post is
neither exciting or x-rated. I’m merely pointing out that I may have finally
clued into one of the big lifting concepts that my coaches have been trying to
hammer into my thick skull for, well, forever. Actually, I take that back, it
was pretty exciting. Well in a CrossFit lifting heavy weights kind of way. I
was working the Hang Power Clean as a modification to the WOD and it all kind
of clicked. I wish everything was that easy (i.e. Kipping, Muscle-ups,
Handstands). I’m finally on the upside of whatever I had and all that’s left
aching is my neck and shoulders. Hopefully that doesn’t linger too long.
500m Row
10 Wallball (@20lbs)
The Wallballs were ugly and because the box was packed I didn’t
have a line to work with so they may have been going short of 10ft. Coach D
(@DefconRX) brought some of the Platform Assassins program in tonight and it
was a really cool Warm-up. I just wish I could have gone through the whole
thing. It was pretty interesting to hit the multiple points of contact as we
worked the bar up from the floor.  Our
strength tonight is complicated so I will put it in the WOD format.
Strength Components
10 minute EMOM
Hang Clean (@145lbs)
Squat Clean (@145lbs)
3 Front Squats (@145lbs)
5 minute EMOM
Halting Snatch Grip Deadlift (@155lbs)
1 – 2” off the ground
2 – At the Knee
3 – Mid Thigh
4 – Pockets
5 – Shoulder Shrug
The first EMOM was tough and if we failed we then either
unloaded and kept going or lifted every 2 minutes. I hit the lifts at 0, 1, 2,
3, failed at 4 and then hit 6, 8 and 10. It was a fun complex and when I did
get my elbows up, I had good depth on all the Squats. The rest of the #530Crew
were hitting Snatches instead of Cleans at their 95% and it was impressive. I’m
positive my shoulders would have exploded if I had attempted that. The second
component was fairly light and easy, but again it was cool to focus on bar
position and form during the 5 components.
WOD (10 minute CAP)
5 Power Clean / Hang Clean Complex (@145lbs)
10 Wallball (@14lbs)
15 Ring Dips (Green Band)
This is where I figured out the catching with the hips and
it’s a good thing I did. It started getting heavy quick. The WOD was fun (well I
thought it was) and the movements were straight forward, even if I had to
modify. With the Green Band I took a bunch of stress off the shoulder and was
able to get through 3 full rounds plus 2 Ring Dips.
50 GHD Back Extensions
50 Heavy Russians (@50lbs)
Somehow in all the brouhaha (another word I’ve always wanted
to use in a post) I managed to miss the GHD Sit-ups. Crap. Well, I did do the
50/50 homework Monday so I don’t feel too badly about it. I was going to head
home at this point, but I did squeeze in a mini BWOD.
Shoulder Stretches
1 Pull-up
Hip Stretches
It’s been a good week for welcoming back Canucks who have
been out in the world and tonight to close the week we had a visit from Ms.
Boston herself (she’s home for the holidays). I’m on the fence about a WOD on
Saturday based on the doom and gloom weather forecast for the next few days. If
you have to go out or are travelling, be careful and I will catch you on the


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