What To Do Now??

So it’s like beating a drum, but as I’ve said, I don’t make
New Year’s Resolutions. Why wait for a specific day to make changes to your
life or to set goals for yourself? If I did that, I would be 57 years old
before I managed to attempt (or complete) the things that I have rattling
around in this giant melon of mine. So what’s it going to be? You’ve completed
a Half Marathon, you’ve lost weight, you’ve gotten healthy (and strong), what’s
left? In a word… LOTS. I’m pretty happy with everything that’s happened in the
last 11 months (geez, is it really only 11 months since I found @CrossFitCanuck
and the crazy awesome family there?), but there is still much to do. SO let’s
see, I will be running the Scotiabank Half Marathon 2014, riding in the 2014
Ride for Heart, running the SportingLife 10K and as it sits right now racing
Gravenhurst and Wasaga. What else can I add? Easy, I will be trying my hand at
the CrossFit Games Open. I didn’t compete last year because there were
movements that I had trouble with, but I still did all the WODs. This year, it’s
400m Run
3 Rounds of
5 Pull-ups (Purple)
10 Wallball (@10lbs)
15 Squats
Well that run was chilly, thanks @Wardy_ for the company.
For the first time in FOREVER , the #530Crew was a full house! It was awesome
to WOD with @girmantitov, @missade3 and @DefconRX, it felt just like old times.
Jillian has a new program for us, one last strength cycle before we get ready
for the OPEN. Now we will be Bulgarians. Unlike Hatch and Smolov, no Squats
yet, but lots of Snatches. For ease of reading, I will list the movements.
Day 1
4 minute EMOM 1 Snatch (@95lbs)
1 minute ME Pull-ups
1 minute Rest
2 minute EMOM 2 Snatch (@95lbs)
1 minute ME Pull-ups
1 minute Rest
2 minute Every 90 seconds 3 Snatch ((@95lbs)
1 minute ME Pull-ups
1 minute Rest
Stupid shoulder. What? Not again. It has to be how I sleep, because
today as we worked on Snatch I felt discomfort for the first time in a while.
In fact, at one point I lost the bar because the strength in my left shoulder
disappeared on the pull. I was working below my percentages, but I kept a
minimum weight on the bar. The Pull-ups felt ok, mostly because they were strict
so there wasn’t added stress because of a range of motion. Does that even make
sense? Well it did in my head. I managed reps of 10, 11 and 10. It was pretty
motivating having a full box heaving weights.
WOD (15 minute CAP)
5 Rounds of
3 Ground to Shoulder (Power Cleans @135lbs)
3 Shoulder to Overhead (Push Press @135lbs)
3 Front Squat (@135lbs)
Yes! I have been thinking about this WOD for most of the
day. RX was set @165 and I was eager to try it, but after the Snatches and with
the Pull-ups, I decided it was more important to be smart. The thing about this
WOD is it was a quick one. I finished in 4m56s and was a hot mess at the end. Congratulations
to @CADPRO00 who was lifting heavy and finished strong. 
12 V-ups
100 Abmat Sit-ups
The Cash-out was for time tonight, but as I started doing
the V-ups my back tightened up. It’s been gooey since before my run. Looks like
the nicks are adding up. Nothing major just stupid little nagging crap. The
BWODs lately have been pretty soft and they will be ramping up, but for tonight
it was all about getting the weekly homework done. Do it on your first day at
the box and you don’t have to worry about squeezing it in later in the week.
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions
Bicep Stretch
Shoulder Stretch
Hip Stretch
Forearm Stretch
Slow. That’s the word to describe those GHD Sit-ups. I was
trying really hard to open up as much as possible, but it was tough. My hips
are tight and my back was tender so I had to ease back. I will keep at them
until they get easier, but I feel like that may be a while. Only thing you can
do is keep working.

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