A Hot Friday Night

It’s Friday night and instead of heading home to kick up my
feet or head out on the town, I find myself @CrossFitCanuck. Crazy you say? Not
really. There’s always time later to take it easy, now is the time for the
final push to the end. It’s Beez and the Ladies again for some Squat Cleans and
madness. This attendance keeps up and I might have to add Friday to my normal
schedule because the energy in the #530Crew was awesome tonight. I was a little
leery about the OHS, but you don’t get to always do things you like. That and I
had a crappy day at the office, I transposed 2 numbers and now have to undo 5
hours of work. AAARRGGGGHHHHHH!!!
Warm-up ‘A’
400m Run
20 DUs
10 PVC Squats
With all the changes my body has gone through in the last,
well call it 4 months, I’m still struggling with Squats. If I’m on the plates,
everything is awesome, ass to grass and life at RX. As soon as the plates are
gone, my feet get to wide and I can’t get the depth I need. It is truly a
maddening feeling. We started with 15 minutes to find a 1 RM Squat Clean.  I started regular, but my feet were going to
wide and the movement wasn’t smooth. Changed to the plates and I hit a 150lbs
and a PR! I dropped to 95lbs and we had a 3 minute AMRAP of Squat Clean
Thrusters. Ugly. Finished 13 reps, but I couldn’t string them together and I was
getting bitter about it. 
2 minutes DUs
3 Rounds for Time
6 OHS (@95lbs)
12 Deadlifts
24 Box Jumps (20” Box)
I did some surgery on my Rope prior to the WOD and during
the last 30 seconds or so I FINALLY started to string them together. I have
more work to do (go figure), but knocking off a group of DUs made me feel
really good. I finished in 7m44s (the 2 minutes of DUs did not get counted) and
for the first time ever there were Box Jumps. What? That’s right, 8 reps per
round of actual jump ups (the rest were step ups). It felt pretty good and over
the next few weeks (after the race) I will start adding more reps to WODs.
3x 30 second Handstand Holds
We had Shoot Throughs as well, but the irritated the
shoulder so I just did the Handstand (modified Wall Walk). I felt pretty good
getting up the wall and even though my chest and nose did not make contact, my
hips did. That’s a new best for me.
100 Pull-ups
Hip Stretches
Forearm Stretches
The Pull-ups were part of the WLC bonus challenge this week
and I managed to complete them in 14m58s. I used the Purple Band and no vest,
but I felt really strong. They were so good that I thought I was doing them
incorrectly (not engaging my lats), but I have since discovered they were right
(lats on FIRE). 
I had to leave a bit early tonight because Ace was in town
and we had some beers on the schedule to catch up. As a byproduct of this night
out, I ran into Paul from CrossFit Coliseum and got an invite to do WOD at the
box once the PIG(s) come in. That’s right they are getting 3 and I’m going to
go try’em.
Happy Turkey Weekend!
Word of the Day: Vertical

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