Climb The Ladder…

So thanks to the magic of @Wardy_ RMT my legs are finally
starting to feel better and after a night off I was rip roaring ready to WOD
today. I know, you’re shocked that I’m excited to get to @CrossFitCanuck to WOD
(please refrain from rolling your eyes). Before you can have fun though, you
have to make it through the work day. iPhones, BlackBerrys and Samsungs oh my.
I’m getting near the end of this project and let me tell you, when it’s done
there will be a hot sloppy party. Until that point, focus is on the Half
Marathon, CrossFitting and not damaging myself before the 20th of
October. Lofty goals, I know. 
Warm-up ‘A’
400m Run
3 Rounds of
5 1 and ½ Wallballs (@10lbs)
10 Push-ups
Watching the #430Class do this WOD made me a bit nervous,
but everything seemed pretty straight forward. Find a 1 RM Front Squat and then
take it from there. We’ve just completed the Hatch cycle so we were looking to
hit big PRs. OK, really worried now. I haven’t been lifting heavy, instead
focusing on getting into the hole and doing the lifts properly. I hit 225lbs
with no problem, but when I went to 247lbs, the wheels fell off. I kept
pitching forward and losing the bar. ARGGGGHHHHHH!!!! I psyched up for the last
lift and was down and up, but Jillian said it looked like I was afraid to get
all the way down. NO REP! Damn, bad words.
Lil Fish (15 minute CAP)
*Climb the Ladder every 90 seconds
1 Clean & Jerk (@95lbs) + 12 HSPU
1 Clean & Jerk (@105lbs) + 11 HSPU
1 Clean & Jerk (@115lbs) + 10 HSPU
1 Clean & Jerk (@125lbs) + 9 HSPU
1 Clean & Jerk (@135lbs) + 8 HSPU
1 Clean & Jerk (@145lbs) + 7 HSPU
1 Clean & Jerk (@155lbs) + 6 HSPU
1 Clean & Jerk (@165lbs) + 5 HSPU
1 Clean & Jerk (@175lbs) + 4 HSPU
1 Clean & Jerk (@185lbs) + 3 HSPU
*If you fail a rung on the Ladder, Wallball (@20lbs) with
the remaining time
 Thanks for the video @sarahbassels
Wait, let me get this straight. If I can stay in the Ladder
then I don’t have to do Wallballs. That right there is a plan kids. I really
wanted to focus on the HSPU and make sure I wasn’t slacking on them.  If I’m ever going to kick up to the wall,
this is going to be a key. Almost managed to face plant, but I ended up
surviving. This kid right here got to the final round. 4 attempts at 185lbs,
but I was struck with a case of ‘Not Getting Under The Bar’. Don’t try and
power it Beez. I also committed a colossal fail (disappointing @matthew_5577,
sorry bro). As time expired, I had the bar cleaned and instead of going for 1
more attempt I just dropped it. Won’t do that again. Plus side, I had 0 for the
10x 20m Waiter Carry (2x 15lb Plates)
@sarahbassels joined us for a bit of Cash-out fun and in a
throwback to our serving days we completed the carry really quickly. I was
still feeling pretty good so I talked @CADPRO00 into starting the WLC Bonus.
3200m Run (Weighted Vest)
Hip Stretches
Forearm Stretches
The video clip below (please skip it if language offends
you) tells you how I was feeling during the run. Considering I used to carry
waaaayyyy more weight than this on a daily basis, I have no idea how. If you
want to really bend your mind, I used to carry 6 of those weight vests. 6! Holy
CRAP! I still have some time to get the 100 Pull-ups, 100 Push-ups and 100
Squats, but for the Pull-ups at least I don’t think I will wear the vest.
Happy Hump Day!
Word of the Day: Grind

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