4 Days Left…

I’m going to start on a tangent today and work my way back
so buckle up and come along for the ride. If you Google CrossFit, you will find
hits ranging from WODs, to articles, to warnings about rhabdomyolysis and how
CrossFit is a cult. Its funny how people confuse passion with some wacky group
of UFO followers who drink poison laced Kool-Aid. Now I haven’t been at
@CrossFitCanuck since Friday night and regardless of what else you do outside
the box (like, oh I don’t know, have a terrible 13.1KM run with good company),
it’s just not the same and I can feel myself needing to be there. There’s just
something about the people, the place and what I do while I’m there that just
seem to affect me like a gravitational pull. So before I get into tonight’s
fun, let me just say, find something you are passionate about and go do the
Warm-up ‘A’
400m Run
Shuttle Run (Slow)
10 Push-ups
Shuttle Run (Medium)
15 Squats
Shuttle Run (Fast)
Now I was excited to be back, but I’m still a bit bummed by
how the training run on Sunday turned out. The thing is I probably shouldn’t
be, because after I went back to look at the elevation on the Garmin, I should
have brought a hiking stick and backpack with me. Tonight I would give’r, but I
would make sure not to over exert and risk an injury. We started off with 20
minutes to find a 15RM (15 Reps) of Clean and Jerk. 15 Reps? Wowza. We loaded
up and started working away. About 12 minutes in I managed to hit 15 reps of
125lbs without dropping the bar (oh, didn’t I mention that, no resting the bar
on the ground, touch and go only). I still had time left and added 5lbs,
thinking I was going to go again. I did a test lift and my left bicep ‘twinged’…
Yeah, end of lifting right there. 
WOD (15 minute running clock)
1 mile Run
10 Kettlebell Snatch (Left, @35lbs)
3 Wall Walks
10 Kettlebell Snatch (Right, @50lbs)
Conflict of thinking on this one. You want to run fast, but
you also want to make sure you can maintain a good pace. I hit the first 400m
in 2m08s and realized that I was pushing a bit hard. I slowed down (a bit) and
got into a grove, finishing the mile in 8m42s (which is way quicker than my
11m+ average on Sunday). Not too shabby. I went a bit lighter on the left side
to protect my shoulder and I worked through 1 full round and 7 Kettlebell
Snatches on the right side. The Wall Walks felt good too and for the record,
Wall Walks are a lot harder when your shoes are wet (from the run). 
10 Hollow Rock Rolls
20 Hollow Rocks
10 Candlesticks
I had some back tightness during the Cash-out so I skipped
the V-ups and the Atomic Sit-ups. It was a fun tonight because it was
a total team effort by the #530Crew. 
Everyone hung around and did the work. Great to see and job well done.
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions
Shoulder Stretches
Deep Squats (Rig)
Squats (Plates)
Knee to Wall
Ankle Stretches (Plate)
Hamstring Stretches
Calf Rollout
Back Rollout
Hip Stretches
Wow my hips are some kind of tight. Seems like I will definitely
need the couple days off before the run on Sunday. I’m headed back to the box
tomorrow for a ‘light’ day and then mobility, mobility, mobility. 
Skipping the Word of the Day and asking a question. Is beef
jerky, cheese and coconut water suitable for dinner? Discuss.

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