Visiting The Canucks

If you’re wondering, this post is for Friday, but it’s been
a whirlwind. First, the big news, The Little Redhead (one of my original blog
followers) made the trip to @CrossFitCanuck to try her first ever Crossfit
class. Now some background on @quinnspaz. She is a fitness machine whose normal
routine is a heavy dose of spin class and she is a runner.  Big thanks to Coach G (@girmantitov) and
Coach D (@DefconRX) for making her feel welcome and showing her the ropes. Little
did I know that the WOD of the day might be one of the toughest I’ve ever done
(but more on that later). Anyway, here we go…

Warm-up ‘A’
400m Run
4 minute Ladder of
PVC Back Squat
Good Morning

@quinnspaz humored me and hung with me on the run while I tried
to loosen up my legs and we got through 7 full rounds in the ladder. While we
got warm we chatted about what to expect and she was a bit nervous, but the
#530Crew made her feel welcome. She even managed to do her FIRST EVER Pull-up
while we waited for the 430p class to finish. Warm-up ‘B’ was something new for
her, but she picked up the movements really quickly. I had some issues still
with the bar behind my neck and getting into a deep Squat with narrow feet, but
what else is new. Here’s where we started to get CRAZY. Every 90 seconds for 12
minutes we completed 3 Tempo Bench Press (3 seconds down, 3 second hold,
explode up) @135lbs, followed by 10 Deadlifts @225lbs. Buckle up, this is going
to get bumpy. I was working with @DefconRx and there was a point where I missed
2 rounds because I physically could not lift the barbell.

WOD (For Time, 15 minute CAP)
200m Run
15 OHS (@65)
15 Ring Dips (Green Band)
200m Run
12 OHS
12 Ring Dips
200m Run
9 Ring Dips
200m Run

I started with the purple band, but my arms were shredded
from the strength portion. This was a lot of fun and @quinnspaz was a
powerhouse (like I said running machine) and Coach G even added weight mid WOD
to challenge her more. We are all pretty crispy after this, but Jillian had one
more surprise in her programming for us, the Cash-out.

3x100m Farmer Carry (2x70lb Kettlebells)
The whole class started a conga line of kettlebells and by
the time we were done, we were DONE. We did some mobility, but my arms were
shaking so bad that I had trouble holding myself up. Any thoughts I had of
doing the 100 Burpee bonus for the WLC went out the window. @Keilshammer,
@quinnspaz’s hubby and I immediately drove to the cottage after class for 12
hours of cottage time and work and then back for the Cassidy Ribfest. I woke up
this morning fully intending to run, but OMG! My body could barely get out of
bed. Shoulders, arms, back, legs were screaming. Hopefully I will be back on
track for Monday.

 Yeah, needless to say i scored 0 points for the WLC food… Totally worth it.


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  1. Anonymous

    Crossfit was awesome! Thanks for introducing me Bernie! Everyone in the 5:30 crew was amazing. I hope to visit again soon! You rock B.

  2. hey i see you guy's wearing compression socks and have heard both sides of the yea/nay argument, do you find they help?
    oh, and there's those guns again…2 minutes for looking good!

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