Still a Dark Cloud

Wow, this is a serious cloud I’m stuck under.  I know that the tone of this blog is usually
pretty light, but it is a log of not only what I’m doing, but also how I’m
feeling. Sadly, it can’t always be rainbows and puppies. I am seriously in a
funk these last couple weeks and it seems to be that someone has called a ‘pile
on’. Now before you start looking around for the culprit, realize this is a
metaphorical description of what’s going on. I feel stressed, unfocused and
generally just not awesome. I don’t even know where start, but I am going to
start pulling back from anything that isn’t essential to me getting where I want
to go. My challenge is not going well on the food side (I haven’t been able to
prep as I should) and it is not making me feel rosy inside. I’m not eating
poorly, but not paleo either (faileo in Tavia’s lingo). I’m still loving
Crossfit (and seriously how could you not love the @CrossFitCanuck family), but
the inability to lift heavy or work on anything overhead is starting to make me
something, something… (Shining Reference)


Basically I need SHAKABUKU*… Any takers?
Warm-up ‘A”
400m Run
4 minute Ladder of
Wallballs (10lbs)
Inch Worms
Good Mornings

Warm-up ‘B’
See Previous

No you know how much I love Deadlifts and I was hoping that
some heavy lifting would make me feel a little better. It didn’t, but it was
nice to shut down the old brain and just throw around some weight. We did 3
rounds of 10 reps working at 255lbs. I was short 10lbs from my 70%, but I had
loaded up and I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep good form because of the work I
had done on my shoulders and chest (crispy does not even begin to describe it).
We had lots of time to finish lifting and get setup for some serious action.

WOD (20 minute CAP)

5 Rounds of
10 Ring Dips (Green Band)
15 Squats


15 Hang Power Snatch (@95lbs)


5 Rounds of
10 Ring Dips (Green Band)
15 Squats

I was worried. HSPU and my train wreck of a shoulder have
not been a good mix, but I figured if I took my time I could get through it. The
green band was to take the pressure off my arm, but it was still a challenge. I
managed to finish under the CAP (and I think I would have kept going to finish)
in 19m10s. It was funny because Darryl and I finished at exactly the same
time.  The best part of the WOD though
was Squats, I really felt I had great (please notice the use of great and not
just good) depth. It may have not been below parallel, but it was damn close.

2 Rounds of
4 Dock Climbs
4 Tire Flips
60m Farmers Carry (2x50lb Kettlebells)

WOO! That was fun! The Cash-out was designed to give our
Wasaga competitors a little taste of what to expect this weekend, but I think
that may have made the top 5 Cash-out ever. Don’t be shocked if the Farmers
Carry makes it into a B-WOD soon. Oh, speaking of the B-WOD, they will be on
hold until after Gravenhurst.  I’m
starting to get a little worried that I’m not recovering, but we’ll see. 1 more
WOD tomorrow and then shutdown until Sunday.


*SHAKABUKU – The swift spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality

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  1. why don't you try weight watchers, i know a guy who lost over 100 pounds following their system.

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