Not Too Smart… Clearly…

That’s right folks, you are looking at a very smart dumb
guy. After weeks of working to get my shoulder back working the way it’s
supposed to, we come to Push Press night @CrossFitCanuck and I decide to join
in. DUMBASS! Everything has been going really well and it doesn’t hurt to put a
T-Shirt on in the morning (Yay!) so Darryl H and I teamed up.  I made the executive decision not to push
near my max of 185lbs and to see how it went. 
The first few lifts went fine and as we passed 95lbs (the heaviest I’ve
lifted in 6 weeks), I was feeling great. We moved to 145lbs and I got the lift
overhead, but I could tell the push was off balance (My right side was
over-compensating) and I could feel it at the top of the lift. I should have
stopped here, but I didn’t. We went up to 155lbs and I got about eye level when
the wheels came off.  I didn’t lift
anything else overhead and I said prayers to everyone and everything I knew
hoping I didn’t wreck the progress I have made.

Warm-up ‘A’
400m Run
10 Inch Worms
15 Push-ups
20 Lunges
30 Squats
40 Jumping Jacks

So from the opening you got the gist of how today was going
to go. After the 1 RM session we moved on to 5 Push Press every 90 seconds and
then 4 pause Front Squats with a Jerk every 90s. I had to resign myself to the
role of cheerleader for this section. At least I got to be useful to the
Canucks who were working away.  I did try
and stretch with the rings to loosen up for the WOD.

AMRAP (8 minutes)
10 Pistols (16” Box)
15 Thrusters (Modified to Power Cleans @95lbs)
20 Lunges

Then… (no rest)

AMRAP (2 minutes)
ME Hang Power Cleans

That my friends was a whole lot of Power Cleans. @DefconRX
gave me the modification so that I could at least try to keep going. The total
score was total reps for the 10 minutes. 
I finished at 96. #530Crew knocked it out of the park tonight, everybody
worked hard. We cleaned up (you can bet all my stuff gets put away now) and then
headed outside for the Cash-out. Now on a completely related note, I’m
wondering when the Cash-out became optional. More and more Canucks are bailing
on it. C’mon guys, if we are going to be awesome (especially when the open
rolls around in less than 6 months) we have to finish, even when it sucks and
it hurts. We finish as a family.

10x100m Sprints

Props to @SarahBassels, Tayyeba and Kris for working hard
with me to finish the sprints.  They hurt
and we pushed each other to finish them (fast) and to finish them all (10). Remarkably
I felt REALLY good during the sprints. I was at max effort and felt I had a
good stride and pace (this coming from someone who is still learning to love


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