Almost Too Much…

It’s been a few solid days @CrossFitCanuck and I’m starting
to seriously feel it. 6 consecutive days is my new record and I am really
looking forward to Tuesday being a rest day. My shoulders, lats, biceps and
triceps are all crispy as a result of the weekend’s craziness and as I checked
out this morning’s WOD I almost started tearing up. Chest to Bar… NOOOOOO
(Picture Captain Kirk screaming KHHAAAANNNN!!)! There will be no cherry-picking
the WOD here though Ladies and Gentlemen, if I’m signed up, I’m going (although
if I see Murph again, I would definitely have to pause).

Warm-up ‘A’
400m Run
2 Rounds of
10 Kettlebell Swings (@35lbs)
10 Push-ups

Warm-up ‘B+’
3 Jump Shrugs
3 High Pulls
3 Muscle Snatch
3 Drop Snatch
3 Sots Press
5 Duck Walk (Forward)
5 Duck Walk (Backward)
3 Bounces

After the 210 Push-ups from Saturday (and yes, I’m counting
the Warm-up ones too) those 20 Push-ups were tough. We were doing a double
strength portion today and I was paired with @Keilshammer who is fresh off a
cottage weekend. First off was 1×20 Back Squat @220lbs  focused on getting good depth (and now I need
to make sure my chest stays up too). We followed that up with 7 rounds of 3
reps Bench Press. 4 rounds @135lbs and 3 rounds @165lbs.

9 Chest to Bar (Green Band)
18 Kettlebell Snatch (9L/9R @45lbs)
300’ Shuttle Run
7 Chest to Bar (Green Band)
14 Kettlebell Snatch (7L/7R @45lbs)
250’ Shuttle Run
5 Chest to Bar (Green Band)
10 Kettlebell Snatch (5L/5R @45lbs)
200’ Shuttle Run

I managed to do the Shuttle Runs at a decent pace and even
managed to get a good high speed sprint to finish (I’m actually pretty quick
over short distances). The problem I have is in an all-out sprint there is no
way I could sustain that pace. I need to find a way to increase my Run speed
without sacrificing endurance. The KB Snatch were also so-so today, most were
good, but I did tend to let the weight go too wide.

3×20 GHD Back Extensions (@10lbs)
Shoulder Stretches
Back Rollout

The homework wasn’t too extensive tonight because of the
crispiness. With an ‘off’ day tomorrow (I’m still going to attempt a spin or a
run) my body was done for today.


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