March #BigBrnzChallenge

How did your hamstrings survive the February #BigBrnzChallenge? I know that mine were feeling shredded after all those single leg deadlifts. Nothing like building that posterior chain. Those muscles help with everything! I’m making the investment now to be better on the bike and running. What was your investment for? Just better day-to-day health or did you do it for something specific? Well we are finished with the single leg deadlifts and time for something new. Are you ready? Any idea what its’ going to be?

Time to get Flexy

The March #BigBrnzChallenge is a mind and body one. The goal for this month is to find at least 15 minutes a day to do some meditation and stretching. Most people would call it Yoga (which is a pretty good description for it). Whether it’s morning or evening, find some time to stretch, breathe and find some time for you. EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Seem like a tall order? C’mon its’ just 15 minutes for you. Mind and body together in harmony. There are lots of resources available if you need some inspiration (YouTube, Apps and even in-person classes).

As always, post your progress pics and tag them with #BigBrnzChallenge and #itBrnz to be added to the gallery. Every little but of motivation you post can help motivate someone else. Good luck!  For those looking to be over achievers, keep a dairy of how you are feeling before and after your sessions.  It will be an interesting exercise to look back at the end of the month and reflect. 


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