Yoga Pants

Pigeon stretch… Not in class, because that would be weird

Is Yoga supposed to hurt the next day? I mean I know I haven’t been training regularly, but c’mon, is it supposed to be tough to complete everyday tasks? Deep down I know the answer is no and it’s more a testament to my state then to Yoga. Let’s be honest, everyone needs more Yoga in their lives. The deep stretches help increase flexibility (which I definitely need) and it can be a solid strength workout. It’s like anything, the first few are always the hardest, or in my case, anything involving being fluid and flexible is always hard.

The How

So my resident yoga specialist @savannahjessie snagged a trial of @ClassPass and dropped a note in the family calendar that she was going to a Yoga class. Hmm. That might be a fun activity. Being a deal seeker, I signed up for both @ClassPass and @Saana_Yoga. We had both visited the studio before and found it a relaxing a very friendly place, so it wasn’t completely uncharted waters. I’m also the occasional Yin attendee at @movati.athletic, but not nearly as often as I should (makes mental note), but this was going to be a full on Hot Yoga class. I still have nightmares about my last hatha Yoga class I tried *shudder*.

The Class

Note to self, the mirrors are at the FRONT of the class. Now I am fine being the center of attention with the exception of when I’m trying to figure WTF pose I need to be in. While most people find Yoga peaceful/relaxing, I find it tough to achieve Zen as I struggle to keep from face planting. It’s even tougher when you have an entire class behind you. Now I’m sure no one in the class cared what I was doing, but sometimes I can get self-conscious (especially when I make a poor shirt choice). Still it was a great class and the instructor (Yara) was fantastic. She was everywhere and provided some great modifications to help this rigid participant to find some really good stretch.  The class was so good that @savannahjessie and I came back the following day for another.

The Aftermath

Did I mention that both the classes were Hot? No? Well I should have because I haven’t perspired that much in 60 minutes in all of 2019. Holy! The heat does make it a lot easier on my body since my muscles (and body) are nice and warm. I was a shweaty (yes I added the ‘h’) mess though.  Fast forward to my Wednesday morning coaching session @CrossFitCanuck, which was going swimmingly until I went to demo my first movement… OW! Why is this difficult? As the day progressed I started to realize that there were aches and pains radiating everywhere. Maybe I underestimated the strength component of Yoga.

No sadly my @ClassPass trial is over and another fitness membership isn’t fiscally responsible at this point. Still, the @ClassPass concept is cool (you get credits which you can use at studios and gyms all over) and @saana_yoga is awesome. I would definitely consider either if I wasn’t already happy with my current fitness associations. The takeaway for me though (besides that I need to do more strength training) is that I enjoyed both those classes immensely. It seems that there may be more Yoga in my future.



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