September #BigBrnzChallenge

Gravity is your friend…

It never fails, just when you think you have a #BigBrnzChallenge in the bag, you get sidetracked. Bam! The 31stof August comes you have 433 Russian Twists to do and when midnight passes you still have the same number. EFF! Between iPhone issues and just plain mismanagement of time, somehow I didn’t manage to get the job done. Oh well, you pick yourself up, you learn and you head into the next challenge and try to do better.

Now it Gets Serious

I was on the fence about this month’s challenge, but after that poor display for August I knew what needed to happen.  This month the Burpees are making their appearance. Everyone hates them.  They are the perfect exercise and this month we are doing 300 of them.  That’s 10 a day, every day till the 30th. From a standing position, come down to the floor till chest and thighs touch and then back to a standing position (with a jump optional).

Look at that AIR!

Extra Sauce

If the Burpees aren’t enough for you, then Strava is having a bonus this month. It’s called the ‘Escape Plan’ and it’s a challenge to have 5 activities of 15 minutes (minimum) for 4 consecutive weeks. So if the Burpees aren’t enough think about doing a little bit extra…


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