Me and My Shadow

Just Running on a Sunday with my Shadow…

I’ve been pretty lucky lately that with the exception of some shoulder issues, everything else has been working really well. With the last two monthly #BigBrnzChallenges involving outdoor activities and mileage respectively, I’ve been Running a whole lot more than normal. Until now the distances so far have been 5KMs or less, but over the last week I’ve started to stretch my legs a little bit more…


You have to push yourself or the body will only ever be able to handle what you train it for. With the distance numbers going up, I’m forcing my body to adapt (again) and build those endurance reserves. The longer Runs are just a little something to challenge myself. I won’t be training for any long distance events, but I figure 10KM is a nice round number to be able to consistently hit. Besides I miss being out in the morning on the big square loops. Sunday I had visions of that 10KM Run, but I knew about 3KM in that I wouldn’t have the legs, the lungs or the energy (I ran fasted). Still, I had a good pace, compression socks and a camelbak full of water to combat the first day of summer heat. 

I covered 8.08KM in 1h01m39s while burning 1,175 calories according to Garmin.  With the rolling hills there was 167ft of elevation gain and this run had a training effect of 4.3 out of 5. That basically means it was tough. Still, tough as it was, in comparison to my last few 8KM Runs, this one was in the top 10 for this fastest time.  

What’s Next?

My plan is to use Sunday as long Run day and the work during the week to build up speed. As long as I can still get time on the bike and Mother Nature doesn’t turn the screws with the temperature everything should work out. I have a feeling that the next few #BigBrnzChallenges won’t involve outside or distance (just a feeling), so I will have to be consistent getting miles. If I can add some weight training to the equation, BONUS… but I digress.  With the Nike Running Club app Challenges I am shooting for 15KMs a week a minimum of 50KMs a month which should be a good number for me. Plus, I told you those digital badges are motivating!

What are your fitness plans for the summer? Working out in the gym? Maybe @CrossFitCanuck? Cross Canada bike ride? Something else wild and wonderful or do you have a goal of hitting every patio in Toronto? PROTIP: If the patio one is your goal, hit me up! Whatever it is, drop a comment below, who knows you might inspire someone else.


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