April Challenge

Winter Wonderwhat???

It seems like a bad April Fools Day Joke doesn’t it? Except it’s not quite April yet. As most of Southern Ontario found a blanket of SNOW when they opened the curtains this morning. Seriously??? I have three theories for today’s unexpected discovery. First, it is because I change my snow tires last weekend (sorry @deberg). Second theory, March entered like a lamb and this is it leaving like a lion.  Finally, it’s because (as always) I have to hustle to complete the #BigBrnzChallenge. 1,000 Hollow Rocks and 500 Superman Holds before midnight (as of writing I’m at 765 and 165 respectively)…

Let’s Get to Steppin!

Get to the Top!!

The April Challenge is going to be all about the Step Ups. 2,000 Step Ups in the 30 days of April (1,000 Left Leg, 1,000 Right Leg). You have your choice of heights, but the minimum is a step (think of the steps in your house). That ensures that even someone with knee issues or access to Plyo Boxes can still play along.  I’m going to recommend at least a 20” Box and that you really focus on driving with the foot/leg that is placed on the top of the box. What that means is that you are trying not to push from the foot still on the floor. Want to increase the difficulty? Increase the Box height (24” or 30”) or do the Step Ups weighted (with a Vest, Dumbbells or Kettlebells).

Let’s be Social

Internet Famous!

Sometimes it’s hard enough to do a regular workout, nevermind adding the craziness that comes from my brain. Encourage your friends and family to play along. It’s always more fun when you do a Challenge with a friend, just ask @savd10 and @sarahbassels. They were very active with the March #BigBrnzChallenge and #itBrnz hashtags on Instagram and they are featured in the Gallery of bigbrnz.com. Take pictures, Tweet, Instagram and hashtag the heck out of them!

There you have it! The April #BigBrnzChallenge starts at 12:01am April first and you have 30 days to complete it! Have fun and let’s get to steppin!!


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