Running With The Force

Cold Run Where I DID NOT Lose My Phone…

Grab you lightsabers kids because March is done and so is the Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon. Did you think I forgot? Not a chance and thanks to my incredible union with the Force, you didn’t even notice me. OK, enough geeking out, here’s a breakdown of the event, the rules and what I did to earn my new medal.

All By Myself…

The Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon

Remember how I said I wasn’t doing anything over 10K after Chicago? Well my crazy marathon partner sent me a message about having completed a Star Wars Half. Pardon me??? Well it’s an event put on by Disney and you have from January 1stto March 31

My ‘Plan’ and the ‘Execution’

To be brutally honest I’m not even sure as I type this that I had a plan. I had intentions for sure.  I was going to run all of it outdoors.  Meet up for some long segments with @JessicaRoy1978.  All of those things did not happen. Instead I had some fast indoor sessions on the treadmill. I had some slower ones too. I also managed to get outdoors for a couple of the sessions. In all, it took 2h14m and some change to complete the 21.1KMs and while it is a time record (for me), I can’t count it. Those breaks definitely allowed me to recoup during what would no doubt have been a three hour half.

Good Job Padawan

Still, I did get the job done. There is a fancy R2D2 Medal headed my way and I will say it was a fun way to be active during the cold days of winter. I even have a friend or two who got excited when I told them what I was doing and they got onboard too. If you fancy a little extra motivation, do a quick Google Search because there are a zillion virtual races of all lengths out there. Nothing like some bling to get you moving.


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