Big Things on the Horizon

From the old Blogger site…

This little blog has evolved many times since I first decided to use it to track workouts. From simply tracking movements and weights to its current form, it has been many things.  It has even allowed me to share important moments, thoughts and feelings. Whether you read it to keep up on my latest adventures, get info on some new treatment or to find some inspiration. Thank You. Now it’s time to move through another metamorphosis and see what we get on the other side.

More Posts

As 2019 chugs away, I’m going to dedicate more time to writing. There will still be tracking of workouts, food and other health related things, just more of it. I will try and post at least twice a week.  Hopefully you won’t get tired of reading what comes spilling out of this brain.

Guest Posts

I’ve already got some very cool and interesting people lined up to provide articles. They come from various walks of life and have very specialties in the fitness world. Nutrition, Running, CrossFit, each of them will provide new insights and maybe help you find the tip that changes your fitness path.

Multi-Part Postings

This will be something new. A group of posts that have a unifying theme. Sure I’ve posted about CrossFit and that is a theme, but these new ‘series’ will be a little more focused. They won’t be novels, but they should be interesting.

More Nutrition

This is where I have been struggling.  I was tracking weekly food on Instagram (@BigBrnz), but the write-ups were too time consuming. I will be posting more recipes, menu hacks (Big Dude Hacks) and various supplement suggestions and reviews. Hopefully there will be a tidbit (not a timbit) of useful info.

Again, thanks for reading. I hope that you will find value, inspiration and at the very least an interesting read.


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