Visiting the Hill

Post Run with Uncle D

I love visitors! Hanging out with people from out of town or going to visit those who don’t live nearby is my idea of a fun thing. I really enjoy visiting when I get the chance for a Run or Workout somewhere new. New Years in Oakville, work in Boston or a wedding in the Dominican Republic… each of them represents a notch in my away workout logbook. This Family Day Weekend the ‘Little Redhead from Brantford’ and Uncle D joined us for some fun on the Hill. We hit up Kansas King for some BBQ, DQ for a Blizzard (which I regretted almost immediately) and played some Exploding Kittens (the card game, not actual kittens). Lots of fun all around, but what does this mean to someone trying to find the path of health?

Cold Morning Jog

Well it’s one thing to have fun, eat drink and be merry. Life is short and it really would be a shame if you only spent time in a gym or monitoring every single thing you ingest. We had fun, but first thing in the morning Uncle D and I got out on the road for a little wintery Running action. We covered 3.18Mi (just over 5.1Km) in 39m45s. That works out to an average pace of 12m2s/Mi and Garmin says that I burned 780 calories with an average heart rate of 154BPM.

Two things made it easier to drag myself out on a run, the fact Denis was excited to go and that I ate a Blizzard at 9pm. Balance (also known as penance) is key to any healthy lifestyle. Have the glass (or two) of wine, but just know that you have to balance that with something else (exercise).

Yak Trax

I also got to try out my Yak Trax Runs for the first time.  I had been hoping to use them a lot more this winter, but over the last few weeks my body has not responded well to Running. They slip on over my shoes and have spikes under the ball of my foot and a ‘spring like’ coil under the heel. It was a bit of a different experience running with them and I learned that I needed to be careful turning. My shoes tended to roll if I wasn’t trying to work in a straight line. They were also noisy when on bare pavement.  Still over the icy sections I felt secure and safe and was able to keep my pace.

And in other news…

Happy Valentines and Gong Hei Fat Choy

One little Run wasn’t the only thing I’ve been up to. Since the February Challenge Posting, @SavanahJessie and I have been pretty regular @MovatiAthletic. Well, let’s say regular is a relative thing. I’ve been working on the treadmill, but my body has been fighting back. I’ve struggled to get pace. Struggled to keep pace and my knees and back have been uncooperative. I missed out on the ‘Chocolate Heart’, but managed to get the ‘Red Envelope’ in honor of Chinese New Year.  

Instead of Running I’ve been working the weights, dumbbells and some WODs to try and keep everything moving. With the Open a week away I’m hoping all the parts will stay where they belong so that I can give it my all.  

How’s your Challenge going? We are 17 days into February and you have 1,000 Bird-Dogs to complete. As always, I’m behind the curve, but with 210 of 1,000 complete I still have a very positive feeling about my odds.  Hunker down and get some done as soon as you are finished reading this. They will help strengthen your lower back and help improve your balance.

Have a greet Long Weekend,


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