Dix… En Francais

Setting Out in The Cold


Un, deux, trois … huit, neuf, Dix. Why the stress on the number ten? Well for the first time since I ran the 2017 Chicago Marathon I ran a distance greater than 10K. it’s strange that it has taken this long, but like all things there is a story to tell. Still, I got out in the cold and the dark and did it, which actually makes me feel pretty good.



Now my ‘master plan’ of things I had been hoping to do, having a 10K under my belt before now was one of them. Last Wednesday I was in to see the Wizard (Ian @core_muscle_activation) because I was feeling out of balance even though all the tech said I was fine. It literally took four steps four him to diagnose that I was out. My left leg was about 0.5 inch longer than my right because of rotation of my pelvis caused by a bunch of lower leg muscles being switched off. Deep breath. At least it didn’t get as bad as pre-Chicago. He did his magic and told me to take a couple of days of rest.


Run Stats


Run and the Stats

When I did finally get everything together and get out the door tonight it was my first cold weather night run of the year. It was by no means the fastest 10K I’ve ever run, but I just wanted to hit that number. 1h19m49s of work as I trundled around the Hill covering 10.13KMs. My pace was a blistering 7m53s/KM and the Garmin says that I burned 1,514 calories. My body still felt off, but it might simply be a result of not having been out and maybe having pushed a little too hard after such a long break. The rest of the stats were pretty normal and I’ve included them above:





How is your #BIGBRNZCHALLENGE going? We are almost at the half way point of November… 3,000 Air Squats in 30 days. I’ve been slow out of the gate, but I got a big chunk of my number of Saturday with 401 while trying out @MovatiAthletic. I have to say it was a gorgeous facility.  They even had turf to set up on and a nice ‘squishy’ box to use as a safety for the knees as I powered through the Squats. There is still time left if you haven’t started (or gotten as far as you would like). All you have to do is keep chipping away at that daily total.






I got home from the run and powered through a Recovery/Protein Shake along with some Lentil soup and I started getting the same symptoms as my ‘Trip To The Wall’ prior to Chicago. I took an Epsom Salts bath and was trying to recover when I got hit by a bout of vomiting. Nothing serious, but maybe the 10KM should have been a 7KM run… No damage done, but a learning experience.


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