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Where on Earth have I been? Honestly, I’ve been here the whole the time, just maybe not as active as usual.  There has a lot been going on (no surprise there) and I’ve also have a ton of stuff planned, but I just haven’t had time to collect my thoughts. I do have this little recap for you and it will be a thrilling tale of Squats and food so get ready…




First off, how is your Challenge going?  As we enter the last few days of November the Squat remaining total may have become a little daunting. Even if you don’t quite get there the work will be worth it. I’ve been struggling to find time (mostly because I need a box or safety to prevent getting to much range and irritating the knee).  Still I’ve still managed to complete 1,319 of 3,000. The plan from here on will be big chunks. It doesn’t take long to get 400-500, but you have to be smart (break them up). Do you have any tips or tricks? How are your legs feeling? Have you been using the #BigBrnzChallenge and #itbrnz hashtag on Instagram to be featured in the Gallery on BigBrnz.com (only if your profile is public)?


Side Tracked by Taco Fest #tasty


Lean & Clean

Ah, the Lean & Clean Challenge. There was so much hope and promise.  The few weeks leading up to the challenge start and the first couple of weeks were awesome. I was slowly getting back into the groove. I was regular. Work was getting done and macros were being knocked out of the park. Then somehow the wheels absolutely fell off.  Making it to classes became more difficult as time constraints seemed to come from every direction. Still, lunches were being made and food was uneven, it was mostly ok (except for the binges which came and left carb destruction in their wake). When the BodySan came back, I feared the worst. All was not lost however. I somehow managed to do enough… just enough to almost stay even.  I ended up losing only one pound, but considering I thought I had gained ten it was a win. Sort of. @canuckcoach and I had a talk and we decided to focus on macros until the rest of life calms down. It will be a good starting point.


Test Drive on One of the Stages Spinners



Now inline with the whole time management issue I’ve been experiencing, @savannahjessie and I just finished committing to @movatiathletic. One of the problems with being on the Hill is that to jump out for a quick workout to @crossfitcanuck involved a minimum two-hour commitment. An hour of that being the commute on non work days.  @movatiathletic is seven minutes away and boasts just about every machine and weight ever created. Seriously, they have four different types of treadmill for crying out loud. They also have a pool which will allow me to follow @savannahjessie’s recommendation to take up swimming in order to reduce stress on the knees.  I just hope I remember how to work out in a regular gym environment, it’s been six years…


So there you have it. The wrap up on the Lean & Clean. The Challenge Update. The Gym Update and the promise of some new stuff.  I even have some guest posts coming… if they ever submit them…


Stay tuned!


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