Challenge Time

Low Planking’ It


So much like Christmas shopping, when it comes to Challenges, I’m a last minute Guy. How many Squats can a person do in a week? Well, plus or minus 1,700 before things really start to hurt.  How did your Challenge go?  Did you have trouble coming out of the gate? Did you just hammer away 100 of day? Well hopefully even if you didn’t manage to complete the 3,000 you got a good workout in and built that ‘booty’ up.



December Challenge

So for the break, this Challenge will be time based? Why the glazed look? Don’t worry, it will be really straight forward. Your Challenge for December is to complete SIXTY Minutes in the Plank Position. That is just under two minutes a day. You can use the High Plank (top of a push-up), Low Plank (on your elbows) or the Side Plank. Remember to squeeze your core and your glutes and to create a straight line from shoulders to heels. Remember you only have until midnight on December 31st!




Now if you are feeling uber creative you can try for all 60 minutes in one go… but I wouldn’t. Personally I think the best strategy is to knock off two to five minutes every other day until you have completed the work. No matter how you choose to approach this Challenge, make sure to keep a running total of your work.


Have Fun


With the holiday season upon us, our cores will need all they can get.  Have fun with it. Chip away at the time total. Grab a friend or two and Plank away! Remember to tag your posts with #BigBrnzChallenge and #itBrnz to be featured in the Gallery of





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