The Garmin Experience Part 2


So the Garmin saga continues…


And let me tell you, customer service still goes miles and miles. I got the Fenix3 and it was a massive upgrade from the Fenix2. Better smartphone integration, great battery life and GLONASS (another satellite system like GPS). I thought everything was going fantastic. It still wasn’t…


The first run with the Fenix3 was great, everything seemed to work well, kind of. I had trouble pairing with my sensors (foot pod, chest strap, HRM-RUN, Speed and cadence). Wait, nope things aren’t working, the heart rate data dropped out, came back and then disappeared. So frustrating. Called Garmin again and the lovely lady I spoke to thought it might be the strap, she had me replace the batteries and sent me another when that didn’t work.


OK, let’s try again…


Get back from another run and this time I have no data at all. WTF! Apparently the device went to ‘Navigate’ mode, even though it isn’t a selectable option. Now this is getting stupid. Another call to Garmin and this time, the gentleman I spoke to sympathized very much and decided to send me a Garmin Fenix3 HR. This is another upgrade from what I had and hopefully the third time is the charm.


I got the device and shockingly, I had no issues pairing anything. That was a first. So far (and it’s only been a few days) everything has worked straight out of the box. Let’s just hope I don’t have to make any more phone calls to Kansas (Garmin).







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