Couldn’t Control Myself

The look of OMG that hurt…


You know the horror movie where you know the killer is right behind that door and yet for some unknown reason the main (soon to be deceased) character can’t figure it out?  Everyone is saying let’s get out of here and they are saying, ‘Oh, this place is nice… What’s in here?’ Well in a nutshell, that was my Sunday… I knew the killer was there, staring at me… Daring me to keep doing the foolish thing I was doing and then BAM! Right at the 9KM mark, he stabbed. Both lungs, both legs, my desire, he got it all. It was a sad thing to behold.


Here’s how it went down…


First, I got some new stuff. Oh, new stuff? That’s right. Over the last several months I’ve been using my Under Armor Heat Gear Compression shorts when I run.  No big deal, right? Well I’ve also been experiencing some unpleasant side effects (i.e. chaffing) from these same shorts, but in a weird spot. Above my butt. Well this can be attributed to the label that is sewn into the shorts and there is very little that can be done to mitigate it. I’ve finally had enough and I bought a pair of 2XU Elite Compression shorts. No tags, flat seams, these shorts always pop up when I google what shorts should I get for running. They were on clearance at SportChek so I took a chance. They are awesome! I will write a review later, but these things could be a game changer.


But I digress…


I set off this morning with the intent to match the 10 miles put up by @JessyR1978 and everything seemed to start off pretty well. My legs were tired (this was my first run since the 21.5KM last Saturday) and I was getting over something that caused me to sleep for 16 hours.  The first 2 miles were pretty quick and I started telling myself, slow down, control your pace. Nope. Didn’t listen. The next 2 miles were also really quick and to make matters worse instead of getting a Gel in at the 5KM mark I was past the 7KM. Not good. Slow down. Reel the pace back in. Nope. There’s the door. As I approached the 9KM mark, the trouble started. Failing to heed my warnings I grabbed the handle and opened the door… AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!! Queue the lightning and thunder and the creepy killer clown (that’s for you @sarahbassels, @canuckcoach and @miss_ade3) jumping out.


I literally exploded (but with no body parts being strewn). I waited too long to Gel so my energy was down, it was already blazing hot and now I’m having trouble putting one foot in front of the other. What to do? Uber? Take the bus? Well I did contemplate each of those options, but knowing 16KMs was a pipe dream, I resolved to just make it back home by the most direct route. Ugly is the only word to describe it. I couldn’t even manage a pace for more than a minute or two and had to walk to recover. I didn’t stop, but my splits of 14min, 18min and 15min (1 mile distance) were some of the worst I’ve ever had. So disheartening. Still I did manage to make it home, that has to be listed as a positive.


Random happy thought from @miss_ade3 to make you feel better about the first half of this post


I covered 13.34KMs in 1h51m09s which works out to 8m20s/KM. The Fenix2 says that this effort burned 1,902 calories which is a nice little side effect. WAIT! I just realized what the problem is. Stupid. I didn’t eat. I was in such a hurry to get out the door, I was doing this run fasted. That Gel should have been at the 3KM mark. Ugh. Well know this makes more sense. My average heart rate was 154BPM (thanks to @keilshammer for the loaner heart rate monitor) and I maxed at 172BPM. Cadence was low today (which makes sense because of the walking) at an average of 162SPM (below the target of 180SPM) with a max of 204SPM. Here’s the kicker, max temp was 30 degrees (I was out and back before 10am) with an average of 27 degrees (gross hot).


OK, the lack of a pre run meal makes me feel better about this run. I was really wondering what had happened. Lesson learned. O you normally eat before you do strenuous activity? I know that if I’m WODding or running a short distance first thing, I don’t, but I would be interested in hearing other views.


Remember Winter is Coming… Tonight…




PS – Thanks to @milkshake8729 for the belayed birthday lunch!


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