Dodging Snails at High Speed

Us post ride and Adam and Agnes before they headed out on the walk!
No really, snails. Slimy, shells…
Why did the snail cross the highway?
No really. Does anybody have any idea why? I’m stumped.
Well summer is supposed to be here and riding season has
gotten started with the annual Becel Ride for Heart. You know, the event that
shuts down the DVP and the Gardiner for a Sunday morning to raise funds for
Heart and Stroke Research.  It is an
unbelievable event and I highly recommend that you try it at least once. The
perspective you get cycling through Toronto on the elevated highways is pretty
outstanding and the cause is near and dear to me. It’s too bad that the last
few years the organizers just can’t catch a break when it comes to weather.
This year was wet (but not raining) and windy which for me is always a
challenge because of my wheels. Riding 808’s (or deep dish wheels) is like
flying a kite when the wind picks up. Still, @keilshammer and I got out there
and got work done.
Big wheel profile is terrible in a crosswind…
Now originally I planned to do 75KMs, but that isn’t
feasible when you a) are riding in the cold and headwind and b) double book
yourself. Because I can’t read a calendar (apparently) I had to boogie from the
Ride and get to the MTCC to judge WeLift Athletics championship throwdown. Add
to that, my knee holding me back by twinging on every other stroke and that
@keilshammer is damn fast on that stealth black rocket that he’s riding and
some decisions had to be made. I told @keilshammer to put the proverbial hammer
down and ride a short 75KM (without the final stretch to the Kingsway) and I would
ride a long 50KM (with the Kingsway stretch to make my ride 53KM total).
Ideally we would meet around the same time. Mission accomplished… ish. After
loading up on BBQ chicken (at 9am) and Lemon/Coconut cookies it was off to 3
hours of judging.
Color me tired…
Never too tired for a selfie… During the ProShow at MTCC with WeLift
It’s been a while since I’m been in the saddle that long and
with all the changes (ie the extra couple of pounds). I was struggling a bit and
not happy about it. No one to blame but myself and the only person who can fix
it is… that’s right the Doctor. What? I’ve been busy folks and finally went to
have a second opinion on my left knee. You know the one that has stopped me
from doing almost EVERYTHING for the last 2 months. Well as soon as they can
find a date, I’m getting a scope and a cleanup to hopefully fix this thing once
and for all. No more buckling or pain when carrying a load… As a result of the
recovery from the ride and a stupid schedule this week I haven’t been able to
get anywhere near a class (other than to teach).
Shake it off. Get back to it. Or as the IT folks like to
say, reboot.


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