Getting S-M-R-T

Canuck Madness at it’s finest…
Saturday (Dec 5) – How do you make the next
jump? Silly question? Work harder of course. Well, not really. Think of it this
way, what got you to a 300lb Back Squat was amazing, but will it get you to
350lbs? 400lbs? 500lbs? What is the next tweak that you need to make, or I need
to find for you (as a coach) to help you be successful getting to that goal. Do
I know yet? Nope, but I will learn. I will experiment and I will try and find
it. That’s a part of what today was. Thanks to Robin and @CrossFitCanuck I got
to attend a seminar by Larry Jusdanis from Sport Specific Training.
250m Row
Now the seminar was on Olympic Lifting and
focused primarily on the Snatch. It was an instructional course focused on a
method that was slightly different then what we’ve worked on for the last 3
years, but it was interesting to see a different point a view. Besides the tip
about finding that next thing to get to a new level I did pick up an
interesting change in how I grip the bar and it seemed to give me a little
extra pop.
It was an interesting session and a great
Saturday spent with @canuckcoach, @missade3, @girmantitov, @ajhughes77,
@zlreyes and @suzanawmg. We got to lift some weights and hopefully learn a few


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