Sun’s Out, Guns Out

Gunshow? C’mon Megatron…
Wednesday (July 8) – Well I’m excited to still be able to
function after the madness that was Monday night and my first double. It’s
funny, but @CADPRO00 asked which was harder (CrossFit or CrossFit Lite) and I wasn’t
sure I could give him an answer. They were different, but both were incredibly challenging
albeit (always wanted to use that word) in very different ways. The lack of a
barbell wasn’t a crippling factor, the full cardio head rush more than made up
for it. Plus it was a lot of fun to have @savannahjessie back at the box and
enjoying herself. We’ll see if tonight proves that I can continue these energy
expenditures or if it was a fluke.
Tonight was Guns Out night. C’mon, you know, beach muscles.
Picture Arnold saying ‘Da Beech is over dare’ all while pointing a giant bicep
into the distance. One of my goals still on the board is a bodyweight Bench
Press (Carm, are we still on track??) and as of late, my chest and arms have
been neglected. Now that’s not to say that my arms have gotten small, but I am
worried about the weight they can push.
Every 3 minutes Complete
ME Bench Press
Following each set, ME Shoulder Taps (from the Wall Walk)
Rock Hard Abs (15 minute CAP)
100 Knees to Elbows
**5 Front Squats (@135lbs) every time you drop from the rig
Holy. I didn’t get many reps at 225lbs, but the bar moved (although
I think I would be pressed for a 1RM tonight). All told, I finished with 57
reps at RX. YAY!!! My arms and shoulders were good and cooked when we moved to
the WOD. I was terrified about tearing up my hands with another WOD on deck and
luckily I made it out ok. It was tough and you had to fight the urge to drop
because of the Front Squats waiting for you around the corner. I finished in
Now it was supposed to be 4 runs, but given that I started
cramping halfway through the first lap, I stopped and decided to get some food.
Thanks to @savannahjessie, there was a little picnic basket waiting for me out
front. I got some food into me and tried to stretch in preparation for class
5 Ground to Overhead (@10lbs)
5 Half Burpee to Plate
100m Run (Plate Overhead)
All I heard was ‘DON’T SNAKE THE WARMUP’. Well it looks like
Jillian is back, but she wasn’t wrong. I didn’t have my best effort when we
started the warm-up and was dogging it a bit. Still my excuses didn’t and
shouldn’t fly. You are here to work, so get to it. I will do better.
3x ME Strict Pull-up
8 Rounds (20s on 10s rest)
Kettlebell Swings (@50lbs)
Dumbbell Push Press (@35lbs)
Shuttle Run
Goblet Squats (@35lbs)
Ab Ripper
15s Plank
15s Hollow Rock
30s Plank
30s Knees to Elbows (…puke)
45s Plank
45s Flutter Kicks
1 min Plank
1 min Sit-ups
45s Plank
45s Flutter Kicks
30s Plank
30s Knees to Elbows (…déjà vu?)
15s Plank
15s Hollow Rock
Wow. I could barely peel myself off the turf by the time
this class was over. It was awesome! You don’t have time to think, you just
have to do. It reminds me a lot of the Open. It’s weird, but I think I know
that this is what I need to do to get back on track so my body isn’t giving me
too much grief. I have a little bit of a hill o climb, but at this rate, it
will be like running up Ventoux (the Mountain) with rocket powered
Peace Out!
Stay tuned!


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