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Where’s my Supernova?????
Wednesday (Dec 3) – @weliftathletics just
about broke me. I’ve had trouble walking, sitting, sleeping… My quads,
hamstrings and calves have been very, very tight. I guess I deserved that, as
my CrossFit Schedule has been much disrupted over the last several weeks and
I’ve only managed 3 WODs in the 2 weeks leading up to We Lift AMRAP 10. Add to
that the condo life (or selling of said condo life) which has caused all my
mobility devices and Spritz (my spinner) to be unavailable. Stiff, sore muscles
are the result. @Keilshammer, pipe down, the story isn’t all about chasing
Unicorns and sipping Ambrosia (look that one up). Since I’m in to shadow Tavia,
I decided to try and WOD with the #530Crew.
30 Jumping Jacks
20 Squats
10 Close Grip Push-ups
Coach Z (@zlreyes) had us moving and for
the first portion, my lower body was not happy about life in general. It was
fun to get to chat with @CrossFitCanuck’s Australian visitor and @Keilshammer
while I slowly attempted to get my legs to co-operate. As we worked on some
Squat Cleans, I knew that my quads would not be having any of it.  I warmed up Power Cleans while the rest of
the #530Crew worked through Back Squats. 
I jumped in with Mr. Laurice and we worked through 5 rounds of Bench
Press @185lbs. It got heavy really quickly but it was fun to be pushing the
WOD (10 minute CAP)
3 Rounds
50 DUs
30 Pistols (20” Box)
9 Power Cleans (@105lbs)
Everybody stand up and start cheering! I
made it my goal after Saturday to nail DUs. I was not happy with my showing
(the wall hitting my Rope didn’t exactly make things easier) and I’ve decided
that I will be doing DUs during WODs from here on in. It took a lot longer then
banging away Singles, but I felt pretty good when I made it through 1 Round +
30 DUs.
It was straight from the WOD right to getting
the next class warmed up. I was pretty worried about having to demo any
movements because I was stiff (and winded), but I think it went ok. My plan was
for some TABATA work (Run, Squat, Mountain Climbers and Close Grip Push-ups)
followed by some Shoulder Mobility and Walking Lunges. I had to pay special
attention to Tavia because next week I will be doing the Warm-up and leading
Warm-up ‘B’.
I’m not sure what I will be able to get in
for the rest of the week, but Canucks, get ready because Monday we are gonna do


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