Throwback Thursday and an I’m Sorry

Hammer at the end of a tough one… #TBT
Sometimes things work out and sometimes
they don’t. Wait, now before you think there was bad news on the L1 front, I’m
still waiting as patiently as possible for my test results. The wait in fact is
starting to make me go a bit squirrely. If you know me, then you know that I
very rarely sit still on an evening or weekend. Sometimes it is difficult to
make plans, have spontaneous hangouts or do everything I would like to. Thursday,
we tried to have a get together with my older brother @Keilshammer (Momma K
adopted me into the family last Xmas), but at the last second I had to pull the
chute. I hate bailing. Hate not making it when I say I’m going to be somewhere,
but after the WOD and a run with @MrsAmandaCosta, I had trouble even navigating
the Fusion home…
My apologies @Keilshammer…
500m Row
40 Jumping Jacks
10 L/R Kicks
10 L/R Side to Sides
On paper, tonight didn’t look too bad. Sometimes
(actually, who am I kidding), the WOD and the strength components are more then
meets the eye. We started the day of with a 12 minute EMOM of Snatch Pull,
Snatch and 3 OHS @65lbs. The weight sounds light, but it was 65% of my 1RM and
I was working the entire time.Slowly but surely the Snatch is getting better
and I’m getting into the hole with the bar locked out overhead. I just need to
keep working. We setup for the WOD and then got down to business.
Training Day (Every 5 minutes for 20
Run 200m
6 Squat Cleans (@115lbs)
6 Jerks (@115lbs)
500m Row
***10 Burpees for every round not complete
or +/- 10 seconds)
I’m starting to sound like a broken record,
but this one looked doable until you got out there. I finished the first 2
rounds in 4m29s and 4m49s. The last 2, I made it to 207m and 465m on the Row. I
don’t know what the deal was, but I struggled to get even close to the end and
it was a good chunk of time before I could even peel myself off the floor.
Nobody up until that point had finished the WOD and Coach D (@DefconRX) gave us
all 25 Burpees instead of whatever we had earned.  That right there is a fair trade…
6,010m Run
25 Burpees
Tonight’s run was one of the more difficult
ones I’ve had. @MrsAmandaCosta (who is also running the Half) stopped by
@CrossFitCanuck to get some KMs in. It was chilly and even though I had geared
up to my Under Armor running top, it was still brisk. We completed 6.01KMs in
47m56s and the Garmin says I burned 639 calories. Our pace was 7m59s/KM which
(considering the weather and the WOD) was pretty good. Thanks for braving the
cool evening to get some work done.
Time is getting on. The Half is a week and
change away and there is a long Run, a turkey dinner and a whole bunch more
work. I don’t know where I stand in regard to my training, I feel more prepared
then last year, but there is no way to tell. Am I still nervous? Yup. Will I work
my butt off to try and get that 2h25m time? 100% Victory Nachos next Sunday
after the Run…


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